How Obama disintegrated(s) the Constitution: The power of the President you never knew existed

“There is no more dangerous a citizen than a person with a gift of gab, a crusading complex, and a determination to pass law as the antidote for human ills.”

Since Andrew Jackson, every President viewed the power wielded by the Executive Branch in their unique way.  The Office and the President dictate the success or failure during his four-year term.  Success of the President is inherent to his management style, people skills, and WHOM he appoints to lead each Department.  Accomplishments are superior for those without long-term Congressional experience; ability to organize or RE-organize; and courage to manipulate the unrecognized power of the office.  Until you comprehend Presidential basics, you cannot fully grasp the Marxist tactics employed by Obama or the constitutional implications thereof. 

The founding fathers established The United States as a “REPUBLIC” with an exceedingly effective system of checks and balances specifically to avoid consolidation of power by any individual.  Because we just declared independence from an abusive despot and they wanted to prevent any future dictator from emerging.  If a president creates law by fiat, our representative gov’t is precluded and the concept of check and balance is not involved in the process.  The Presidential Executive Order was formerly an exercise of power founded on existing law.  Regrettably, it now unfairly programmed as an instrument for “criminal” creation law, treason.  Of course, “Where one stands depends on where one sits. “  This act violates the spirit and letter of our Constitution.  We tolerate this criminal practice and so does Congress.  Worse yet, it is often concealed or kept secret from you and me in the name of expediency.  Unfortunately, this and other unconstitutional scenario’s enabled Obama to devastate and cripple our nation. 

Hoover once said, “There is no more dangerous a citizen than a person with a gift of gab, a crusading complex, and a determination to pass law as the antidote for human ills.”  So let’s step back to move forward.

Campaigns speak of reform and reform translates into reorganization with implied transition to successful times ahead or progress.  Reorganization is synonymous, if for no other reason, to claim he or she will rise above the bureaucratic dilemma and relieve the stagnation of the current elected official.  Of course, the incumbent cries foul and privately blames the previous administration.  Until the Obama administration, one never contemplated public blame or humiliation of the prior President.  Why?  It is understood, a new President/party would not be President if the prior administration were successful in by the partial public voting bloc.  Such petty action (blaming) is pathetic beneath the stature of the Office.

Reorganization is priority one for each new administration.  Existing bureaucrat’s view the new administrations entrance as evil (if not politically aligned) or the onset of weakening their power.  Hence, bureaucrats not in alignment begin building walls and trenching in to resist potential changes from above.  Typically, reorganization is known rhetoric because presidents will appoint task force, czars, and commissions to evaluate the current organizational effectiveness or side-step current inefficiencies of a particular bureaucratic arena.  Presidents will ignore or never mention recommendations, which cannot resolve issues.

Organizing the Executive Office is essential to successful achievement of the intended purposes of the President.  In order to accomplish reorganization the President must make assumptions and utilize the Constitutional doctrine to determine the conduit of organization.  The public viewpoint identifies the bulk of work applied by government as controlled by the White House.  Nonetheless, actual budgets, money, constraints, limitations, power, and administration thereof, are controlled by Congress.  According to Gulick, “Execution of policy is a matter for professional, technically trained, nonpartisan career managers, not amateur’s…Efficiency is thus axiom number one in the value of administration.”  Presidential function is to appoint leaders/managers, coördinate groups, and identify people who can be flexible and manipulate the bureaucracy.

Remember this quote from Jimmy Carter?  “Nowhere in the Constitution of the U.S., or the Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights, or Emancipation Proclamation, or the Old Testament or the new Testament do you find the words, “economy” or “efficiency”.”

Reorganization Act of 1949 requires the President to “examine the organization of all agencies”

  1. Promote better execution of the laws…
  2. Reduce expenditures…
  3. To increase efficiency…
  4. To group, coördinate and consolidate agencies and functions of the government…
  5. To reduce the number of agencies by consolidating those with similar function
  6. To eliminate overlapping and duplication.

 This legislation exacerbated the problems in Washington and usurped our Constitution.  The President and the Executive Office are a macrocosm of society.  Supposedly, they are a reproduction of the morals, struggles and competing forces in society. Hmmm, then consider these problem(s):

  1. 1948  80% of Federal R & D evolve from private institutions via grants or contracts.
  2. 1954  Fannie Mae – mix of private / Fed ownership.
  3. 1958  12% of Municipal/County revenues originated from Uncle Sam
  4. 1969  Federal budget, for the first time, included trust funds and mixed-government corporations.  It made Fannie Mae a government-sponsored corporation.
  5. 1980  These corporations derived more than 50% of revenues from the US Gov’t:  Northrup, United Technologies, Boeing, Grumann, Rockwell, McDonnell Douglas
  6. 1984  21% of Municipal/County revenues originated from Uncle Sam

 Power has shifted away from and to, the Fed.  It breeds power struggles and the alleged decentralization hatched placed the decision-making power out of the Legislature and into the hands of gov’t sponsored agencies, corp’s, bureau’s and politics.  The expanse of activity and bureaucracy runs deeper than you think, because the Constitution provides minimal guidelines for institutional development.  The Executive powers include the power to appoint all officers of the United States; however, the “officer” of each executive department determines the duties of said officers.  This fact in and of itself remains convoluted as responsibility for arenas of our nation have reports to multiple departments.

                 George Washington’s quote is profound, “Wherever and whenever one person is found adequate to the discharge of a duty by close application thereto it is worse executed by two persons, and scarcely done at all if three or more are employed therein.”

 Ironic, until 1913 most agencies operated within government under the control of a principal department until the creation of the Federal Reserve and Board of Mediation and Conciliation.  Since then the number and variety of agencies and intergovernmental bodies exploded.  The primary Executive Departments are Defense, Interior, Agriculture, Transportation, HUD, Labor, State, Treasury, Justice, HHS, Energy, Commerce and Education.  By 1937, more than 100 agencies reported to the President and by 1984 more than 58 agencies reporting to the President OUTSIDE of the Executive Departments.  Examine these groupings and examples:

  1.        Executive Department – see above
  2.        Executive Office of the President – White House Office, Science and Tech, O.M.B
  3.        Independent Agencies – FEMA, GSA, Peace Corp, Selective Service, Farm Credit, NTS, USPS
  4.        Foundations – Nat’l Science, Foundation on Arts and Humanities
  5.        Institutions – Smithsonian, HEW, Commerce, State, Justice
  6.        Regulatory Commissions – FCC, FTC, CPC, NLRB, FEC, OSHA
  7.        Government Corp’s – St Lawrence Seaway, Ginnie Mae
  • FCIC, FSLIC, Solar Energy, Energy Conservation Bank
  • Rural Telephone Bank, US Railway

8.       Intergovernmental Org – Commission on Intergovernmental Relations

9.       Private Institutions Organized & Financed by the Fed Gov’t –

  1. a)      Independent Non-Profit – Rand Corp, Aerospace Corp, Institute on Urban Studies, Logistics Mgt Institute
  2. b)      University – Applied Physics Lab, MITRE, Los Alamos National Lab, Brookhaven Lab
  3. c)       Research Center Operated by Private Industry – Oak Ridge National Lab


The reality of Organizing government in perspective and scratches the surface of organizational ineptitude.  Governmental accountability and administration has eroded into a delusional state of fragmented authority.  The catalyst for issuance of an executive order generally takes form via emergency.  For example, In 1941 American citizens were  arrested; removed from their homes; stripped of property; and transported to concentration camps compliant to Executive Oder 9066 issued by F.D.R..  Congress did nothing.

MANY Executive Orders remain active and confer to the acting President an array of powers.  Powers of such magnitude they destabilize the Constitution and bore so many holes into the Constitution, so many that if it were a boat…it would sink.  The very protections established by the Founding Fathers, are virtually eliminated.  With the single stroke of the pen, a president has the power to:

  1.        Order the government to seize control over all media:  including television, radio, newspapers, and the internet (E.O. 10995).
  2.        Order the government to take over all food resources and farms (E.O.10998).
  3.        Order the government to take over all energy, power, mining, and transportation (E.O. 10997, 10990, 11003, and 11005).
  4.        Order the government to register, relocate, and mobilize civilians into labor groups under government surveillance (E.O. 11000, 11002, and 11004).
  5.        Order the government to establish control over the health, education, welfare, mechanisms of production and distribution, energy sources, wages,     salaries, credit, and the flow of money in U.S. financial institutions (E.O. 11921 and 11001).


President Clinton cleverly thwarted the will of the Republican controlled Congress by advancing scores of small initiatives dealing with federal employees and the military.  Utilization of programs like the American Heritage Rivers Initiative and the Man and Biosphere Program, Clinton implemented provisions of un-ratified international treaties to promote his personal political agenda.  Repeatedly, Executive Orders thwart and circumvent Congress. 

Clinton was forced to rescind an executive order (13083) that essentially abrogated the Tenth Amendment.  We must be vigilant in resisting E.O. proposals…IF we do not; E.O.’s may rest formant only to reemerge when we are not paying attention. 

The authority to issue executive orders endows the President imperial, tyrannical control.  We must active and diligent in questioning the trustworthiness of the President.  The public is incumbent to focus on every aspect of the presidency.  We have some great watchdogs in the pundit arena; however, we all can identify and fully recognize abuse of power and circumvention of the Constitution.

Obamacare, Stimulus, TARP, and on and on … to the tune of $15 Trillion,…and more, and  you controlled  these departments and agencies, his power and ability to do what he wants is endless.   

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  1. Interesting facts; poor grammar. I suggest you ask someone else to proof read it before publication.

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