We hear of Liberal indoctrination of college students, “You-tube” examples, Books – “Brainwashed” & Indoctrination U” and fortunately Fox News provides examples occurring in elementary and high schools.

I provide you “First” hand examples not by “NUTTY” teachers, rather by TAXPAYER purchased TEXT Books.  My daughter endured this acclaimed slanted global liberal lunacy in:  AP WORLD HISTORY – 9th Grade.  The biased commentary, quips, statements, and viewpoint printed in the course textbook:  “The Earth and it’s peoples: A Global History 5th Edition / A.P. Education – Wadsworth/Engage Learning”

Forthcoming, you will discover detailed examples of intellectual corruption of High School students by American Public schools and a teacher activist who changed public education into indoctrination of liberal thought.  Somehow, somewhere academic radicals with zero regard for truth, a biased opinion, no presentation of opposing views, and heightening ideological opinion without regard for the pluralistic foundation of American society.  The blatant use of ideological curriculum opposing what is or should be a traditional education in our “Republic”.

My daughter, immersed in curriculum emphasizing the wrongs perpetuated upon minorities, women, other groups.  Gender, culture, and religious grievances emphasize the “Imperial” dominance throughout history as exploitative of the weak.  As the book moves forward in time the imperial, capitalist superpower (United States / Western culture) continues to employ racism, sexism, homophobia…via technology, science and education to create a global élite whose singular goal is worldwide domination.

Every parent with a child in school must learn the realities of liberal education indoctrination. This is a deliberate, systematic attack to change America by engaging our youth into believing America as it was and is must transform into a social and economic justice and abandon individualism.  Never mind the fact America’s university system as a brainwashing machine, liberals now attack much earlier in life.

The focus of “The Earth and it’s Peoples” is Diversity, Imperialism, Climate Change, Repression, Revolution,  and the failure of the Republic.  Oops, stuff right out of the progressive-liberal handbook.  Read the array of topics in (no particular order)… I cannot attempt to list every Liberal slant contained in the 1000 page textbook, here are a few…

  1. Industrial Jobs – positioned as repetitive, boring, forced long work days, few breaks, little sense of achievement, that ruin families.
  2. Laissez-Faire – Rich vs Poor, Socialism is for workers, government restraint from economic affairs is not good.
  3. Industrialism – caused widespread misery.  It then mentions 3 books supporting socialism and 1 for capitalism.
  4. Industrial Revolution – caused suffrage, forced labor, and imperialists prevented nations from doing the same. It generated social upheaval, environmental problems, rich grew richer – poor grew poorer, the “West” left the rest of the world behind.
  5. The West – coerced non-west societies.
  6. Pushes “Globalism” as a consideration in all matters.
  7. Constitutionalism – proved unworkable.  “George Washington and others became dissatisfied with the first one so they wrote a second.”
  8. Personalist Leaders – used mass following to gain political power.  George Washington dominated early Republican politics because he used his military reputation was the foundation of his personal political power.
  9. Andrew Jackson – challenged constitutional limits; he was the first President who was a “Self-Made” man; he was notorious for his courage, individualism and willingness to “challenge authority”; “triumph of democracy over aristocracy”; Populist style celebrated the virtues & cultural enthusiasms of common people.
  10. Contemporary movement for social reform, efforts to assert economic sovereignty as a powerful political force.
  11. Constitution – failed as it denied full rights of two groups – women and Africans.
  12. Socialist & Labor Movements – are not identical, but are allies.
  13. Socialists – goal is to capture seats (Congressional), rather than begin a revolution, to obtain concessions from government & eventually form a Government!
  14. U.S., England & Germany – The world economy, Int’l Politics, cultural & social issues:  are portrayed to believe they control the destiny of the world.
  15. “New” Imperialism – Uses Economic & Technological superiority to reorganize dependent regions.
  16. Tools of New Imperialism – Shipping, Gunboats (navy), Firearms
  17. Industrialized Nations – Use the tools at the expense of the Natural environment. This action polarize’s societies & stresses dependence on the West.
  18. Nationalism & Yearning for “Social Justice” led change in 19th & 20th Century.
  19. Focus on a promise for a “Global” community
  20. Industrial Nations, including Germany & Japan, recovered well from WW II (No mention of US aid)
  21. Green Revolution – in the 1960’s & genetic engineering later alleviated much world hunger.
  22. Industrial Growth & Auto use increased pollution & competition for petro supplies.
  23. Global Warming – fears become an international concern along with Over fishing & endangered wildlife.
  24. Transnational Corp’s – forced uniform products, threatened localized economic enterprises.
  25. Castro = Wanted to restore democracy & install ambitious policies & economic reforms
  26. Che’ Guevara – no mention of his atrocities
  27. The Cold War military rivalry led to extraordinary advances in weaponry & associated tech’s; however, many new nations faced basic problems of education.
  28. Neither “Rich or Poor” Nations – fully understand the costs associated with environmental change.
  29. Bretton Woods – devised the IMF to finance temporary trade deficits.
  30. Focus on Economic & Social Justice –
  31. U.S. was defeated in Vietnam
  32. Cuba – was afflicted with High unemployment & slow growth rate while profits went North to the U.S. & a small class of wealthy Cubans
  33. Castro led a successful revolution with student groups, labor unions & traditional Cuban parties.
  34. Failure of Bay of Pigs – tarnished US reputation
  35. Young – provide crucial leadership.
  36. Problem of growing Inequality
  37. Unequal development & movement of peoples
  38. Rich vs Poor; problem of population growth; revolution again & again to boot imperialism; wealth inequality ….
  39. Text refers to the United States as a “Democracy” & not as a “Republic”
  40. Al Queda – never mentioned as a Muslim holy struggle
  41. QUESTION of Values –
  42. Universal Rights
  43. Obama – “a living testament to see past skin color”
  44. Obama – Signals to the World a “change in American Attitudes on International Rights”.
  45. Gitmo – “Obama called for closing the widely condemned prison for “enemy combatant’s”.
  46. Cultural Imperialism – Forcing “Western” images, goods, and tastes VIA Movies, TV & Internet
  47. “West” is “insidious in trying to shape a world with a single “Western” outlook based on Capitalist technology & at the same time suppressing or devaluing traditional cultures & alternate ideologies via Tv, then VCR/DVD, then Cable, & then Internet.”
  48. Emerging “Global Elite” – Key elements of their attack: English, modern science, & Higher Education
  49. Environment – suffers severe pressures from oil exploration & Transport

The text has Data Based Questions ( DBQ’s) which allegedly tests your ability “to formulate and support an answer from documentary evidence.” …”The DBQ is a test of your document-reading and analytical skills.” … “This section is designed to be used in conjunction with chapters in The Earth and its peoples.”  The student is tested on their knowledge of the evidence presented in the book and the general focus of a DBQ are:  rights, imperialism, suffrage, social contract, Marx, Engels, Ming, Mao, revolution, gender, abortion, no more miss America, family funding, women leaders, challenges of women, social change…

She survived the attempted brainwashing…unfortunately, many did not.

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