TIME FOR NEW METHODS IN WASHINGTON: Platform for the American Politician

The failure of “The Civility Project” highlights, no, accentuates the problems confronting American politics.  A new approach and commitment to the public faith in what our Founding Fathers set forth when creating the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  Yet, this begs to question:  Would a new political approach be accepted and if accepted…can it work.  What follows is my earnest belief in what I establish as a “Platform for the American Politician”.

I detail the approach as leading to an expectation and accountability for every politician.  Why?  Good question.  Because politicians will claim, state, lie, mischaracterize, misconstrue, finger point, insult, blame and upon election fail to vote or abide by the political promises during their campaign.  For example, candidates respond to inquiries with, “You must understand my comments were made during a campaign. ”  For me, I expect a candidate’s campaign remarks as his bond, accomplished and proven by his/her voting record, not tossed aside because he or she wanted to win the election.

Conservatives see no redeeming value in any liberal or Democrat.  Today’s political climate makes it challenging to engage in meaningful dialogues.  Recent presidential candidates smeared their opponents and yet for their ignorant remarks we often reward them with our vote.  Modest differences in perspective swiftly change into blistering encounters and attacks.

When political opponents spend more time hurling insults and accusations than meeting to pound out solutions, stalemates result.  Is the American dilemma limited to politicians pointing fingers?  Or limited to attributing blame like. “It’s not my fault, I inherited this mess.”  No, Right blames Left, Left blames Right, Obama blames Big Business, Business blames Government, Hollywood blames the Church and Religion, the Church blames Liberal media, and Liberal Media blames the Right and Religion.

Not one person, group, or political party offers solutions and far too often the solutions, which could actually work, are modified and bastardized in the name of “compromise”, fail and essentially heighten the problem(s).

Irony:  If you truly evaluate each issue of the 20th and 21st century, the “right” (Republicans) or ultimately the Constitution are the losers / compromisers.  Our nation moves further “Left” law by law, mandate by mandate … NOT ONE issue has moved to the “Right”

Americans are frustrated with the political process.  Not one politician believes the system can change and revert to the simpler entity it once used was.  Disagreements emerge as people debate the “best” way to accomplish a goal and attempt to prioritize one problem vs. another.

Debates typically focus on the means, rather than the result.  This creates greater problems and a Federal deficit of $16 Trillion; diminished educational results and on and on.  Activists from both sides of the aisle attempt to frighten the public utilizing “absolute” terms to frame debates and paralyze government utilizing any media vehicle possible.  Activists do this not in the name of problem solving, because divisive rhetoric preserves a raging debate as it polarize’s voters & plugs their bank accounts.

Ironically, at the same time, activists are willing to accept partial solutions as productive and valuable steps to continue polarizing our nation.   Obama rhetoric is extremely subtle or blatant polarization and never Presidential.

For anyone to thwart true solutions or not elect people who can truly resolve our issues is ignorance, unfortunately American voters and non-voters believe lies that spew from a politicians mouth.  No one wants to hear our problems are insurmountable or that the best Washington can do is chip away little by little.  Yet, every election cycle we repeat our mistakes and elect the politician offering optimism and promise of quick fixes.  When reaching Washington they fail to uphold the values purported during their campaign.

How can we ever expect results?  We are tantalized & mesmerized by proverbial yet enticing one-liner, the smooth talking rhetoric captivates us and we vote for him/her, rather than the voting for the one who speaks the truth, is blunt and honest, capable of solutions.  For example, does a new bride searching for her gown like to hear, “I don’t like it” or “It makes you look fat” ..OR…does she prefer to hear “I think another gown might compliment you better” or “let’s see how radiant you are in the remaining gowns”.

America cannot afford the Political correct approach to solve our problems; it hampers resolution and provides activists a reason to exist.  Place your ideas in black and white for everyone to see and be accountable for your actions.

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