Progressives, Democrats and Radicals

Progressives, Democrats, and radicals

One must understand the devastation performed and lip serviced by each of these titles which, politically speaking, all seek revolution, social justice, and economic equality.  The hypocrisy of each lay in the words, deeds, harassment, and discrimination conducted in past, present and surely future actions.

The tactics  building alleged Peoples organizations such as the “occupy” group are simply conflict tactics attempting to build community however  their reality is driving a wedge, battle line, between various American cultures.  They view themselves as revolutionaries yet when examined are little more than political puppets of those who desire socialism.

These groups rally around new semantics for old terms which formerly polarized the average American Citizen.  These new terms include “social Justice” and “fair”.

These groups rally around new political twists to fleece the middle and upper class of their accomplishments.  These twists include “global warming”, Universal healthcare”, and the Federal Debt.

The players have been undermining America for decades.  Republicans lost their voice, courage, and continue enabling these groups to socialize America and discriminate against groups viewed as “obstacles” not worthy of the same “equality” for those they purport to support.

These groups utilize textbooks via public education to annihilate the truth of American history.  The annihilation skews our students perspective of, ignores details, twists events, omits events, omits critical perspectives from texts because, if included, would not enable the progressive perspective of history the opportunity to gather new members until they reached the liberal college institutions.

Saul Alinsky is a radical,  One whom many Washington elitists revere as their teacher.  Teacher of tactics to alter the course of American history via community organization.  For example Mr. Alinsky writes, “ What does a radical want?  He wants a world in which the worth of the individual is recognized…a world based on the morality of mankind…the radical believes that all people should have a high standard of food, housing and health…the radical believes completely in real equality of opportunity for all Peoples.

Radicals are emotionally driven and attempt to argue emotionally rather than intellectually and thus are the least reasonable of any American.  Alinsky believes radical change must occur utilizing “anti-radical” methods via “power” to change society.  “Power” is realized in the “active citizen participation pulsing upward providing a unified strength for a common purpose of organization either changing circumstances or opposing change.”

Opposing change gives the “radical” credibility and reaffirms the Radicals (group) purpose.

The “key” to community and conflict is the “organizer” (Obama types).  “….They direct the conflict and are dedicated to changing the character of life of a particular community…with initial function of serving as an abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of people…”

Ironic is Obama and his political cohorts tackle this identical philosophy on national scale.  So what is the difference between a “liberal and a radical?  “A liberal refuses to fight for the goal he professes.

Organizing groups for the purpose of conflict provided “self-worth” to those who feel shunned or incapable of accomplishment.  These people can use participation in groups to express their frustration.

Organizing uneducated groups of people who feel incapable, trapped, isolated or poor whose participation provides “self-worth” and a voice which otherwise is lost.

Contrived conflict serves to exacerbate the mirage of problems or creates problems that formerly did not exist.  Moreover, if the problem did exist…it is not a problem on the grand scale of society as a whole.

Alinsky believes national planning provides the vehicle for “social change” or “Social Justice” and the Government of the United States is the institution to achieve “social justice”.

Obama is not the first President to have known socialists in his employ. For example then President Clinton hired Derek Shearer and Hillary Clinton worked for Thomas Emerson and Robert Treuhaft both well-known communists.

The hypocrisy of Progressives, Democrats, and Radicals is frequently and thoroughly documented most recently demonstrated by “Chick Fil-A” or their effort to save whales or animals or … yet they support Killing Unborn Children….or claims to adjust an ineffective tax system fleecing the middle class yet preserves their wealthy income streams.

IF the “left” really believed what they shovel to the impoverished…why does congress have a different healthcare plan?

The people associated with these three groups won’t satisfied until they are the ruling élite …ruling over  a system which preserves their status and riches.

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