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How many of you are scared of your wife?  Okay, perhaps respect is more appropriate.  No, then Why do we adults worry more about image and what other people think of us than we do about telling the truth?  How often do you actually tell your wife the truth when she asks, “How do I look”?  It is a 50-50 proposition because often times she looks simply amazing in her outfit.  Remember, People lie with their lips, not their heart.

Aren’t we are own worst enemy?  If you have children who participated in public sport teams more than likely you experienced  the liberal mentality  of awards, trophies, ribbons and the like handed out to both teams (regardless of who won).  Now, who had the courage to speak out and tell their child they could not have the award because they didn’t win the game and that is IF score was kept.  Did you give them trophies because they played the game?  Did your parents give you one as a child?  Did you tell your child you are proud of them for being mediocre?  Did your parents tell you that?  What message does this send to our youth?  Because later in life, when they actually work for a living will their boss hand them a paycheck because they showed up for work?

Many of you attempt to provide your children “things” you did not have as a child.  Yet, how has it worked out?  Do they own a work ethic?  Do they expect “things” to be given to them (entitled)?  How is their behavior?  Did you keep the fear of God in them or did you listen to Dr Spock and follow his methods?

Your answer reflects which side of the aisle you sit.  Well, okay it depends on whether you are a conservative.  Some youth will “get it” and actually learn what it takes to  earn a living, but many will not.  Truly, the Denigration of America’s political parties provides a true picture of how you raised your children.  We face a daunting reality in America, as we foster orphans of a Bankrupt American Culture.  I often wonder, where is John Wayne, Marshall Dillon and Roy Rogers?

What are you personally doing to “Make a difference” in America each and every day?  How many of you remember the saying, “When I was a kid…”    Do you remember driving your parents crazy with rock n roll or new wave music or  ever thinking to yourself, “Mom n Dad are so old fashioned, “They don’t get it.”  Think back to when you were a child or rebellious teenager… weren’t you jealous of the kids who had the latest cool toy, I can.  Do you remember trying to keep current with the latest fashions, news, trends, technology, all in an effort to impress the “Hot” girl/guy in 302?

Now with that in mind…  How many of you have a Twitter account?  Why not, can’t grasp the technology or do you still think to yourself, “If someone wants to know what I think, they can call me.”  Yet, how often do you hang up the phone when a telemarketer, pollster, or politician rings?  What comes to mind when you hear the word “POLITICIAN”?  Is it a dirty four-letter word?  Why not?  How can you expect to change Washington or any other situation unless you “step up” and make a difference?

We must remain current, viable, and “hip.”  Twitter is the fastest growing medium of “Social Networking” and IF you want to make a difference, you need to remain current with technological trends especially to communicate with others in our fast-paced society, not to mention our youth!  If we want to, and we must, we as individuals, as a group, and as Conservatives remain viable to the youth of America.  We must know the lingo or language; use their technology; and BE RELEVANT!  We used to be amazed by CNN reporting live from Baghdad, but not anymore.  We used to scoff at cell phones, but not anymore.  We used to love hand written notes, not emails, but not anymore.  Social Networking?  Heck that was when we saw a friend at church, “the club,” sporting event or a bar.  We must embrace new technology, wrap our arms around it, and “Be Relevant.”  The Tea Party (Conservatives) you know the Tea Party IS what Republicans used to represent (and still claim to LOL) and its members must be relevant to save our nation!

How many of you watched one or both of the conventions?  Both candidates gave good speeches BUT THEY MISSED THE POINT!  I AM Sick n Tired of the statement, “Are you better off than you were four years ago.”  You should be too!  You ARE better off today because it was due to hard work, wise spending, and NO thanks to Obama, Bush or whomever!  You are better off, in spite of Obama!  However, our nation is not!  Small Business owners (more than 80% of businesses) face the prefect storm in taxes, regulation and Obamacare.

I am also Sick n Tired of “I pledge,” “I will” and “Are you …”  Why do we tolerate it?  Why do we fall for the slick marketing, posturing, and slick images?  An answer is discovered  in the 1960’s: Nixon’s book, “The Selling of the President.”  The approach is sickening but it works and we must ask ourselves,  why do we not hold candidates accountable?  When will we elect a President of Substance?  Now a recent book entitled, “The Amateur” was released detailing the Obama Presidency … However, The book omits glaring facts…  Obama has never run a business; his intentions are not constitutional; he operates the Presidency via the hundreds of Federal agencies and groups not subject to Congressional approval; and NOT this president or any other President ever put in writing specific policy agenda.  Why do we tolerate it?  So what you did not vote for the guy, he promised hope and change; he promised to fundamentally change America; he supports drilling for oil in foreign nations, but not America; he invades Libya, but not Syria; he allows illegal immigrants to cross our borders yet prevents Arizona from enforcing law; his Attorney General fails to defend the laws of the U.S.; his Secretary of State fails to protect Embassy’s; .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  Substance in speech, no action in conduct.

Did your parents raise you to sit back on your arse?  When is enough, enough?  Will it be too late?


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The government is not responsible for you; you are responsible for “yourself.” “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”…

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