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Why is the Department of Immigration still around?  I’ve seen them everywhere in Florida driving very nice SUV’s.  Yet…”What do they actually do,” other than drive around or make announcements on the news?

Years ago in Florida, there was a little 5 years old boy here from Cuba.  His name was Elian Gonzalez.  His mother and 11 others drowned attempting to reach the United States.  His father was not on the boat so either dad was not involved in the child’s life or didn’t care he was on an aluminum boat floating to another country with mom.  One name should clarify the scenario:  JANET RENO.  I believe Reno’s role was to bungle everything connected to her.

Reno met with Elian’s father and was returned to Cuba.  I guess she believed this man was honestly happy with Communism.  After all, Castro is famous for his love of Cuban people, right?  The father  was not pressured at all.  Needless to say, Reno did as Castro wanted.  Hmmmmm.  Our government yanked a 5 year old child away from a family that offered to raise him where he was free to blossom.

Here is the timeline:


Many desperate people are willing to die escaping Cuba.  I believe those individuals willing to risk death escaping an oppressive government should receive asylum in the United States as opposed to those who fail to identify themselves and hide from the government.

Now to the frustrating part.  Thousands of illegal immigrants roam our streets freely and unmolested.  They easily cross our border from Mexico as if they have paid their membership dues.  When American citizens confront them, they attack or the government defends them.

For example, several years ago “illegals” attacked a man and he shot at them hit one and called the police.  Awesome right?  Wrong.  They sued the man and the courts awarded them the man’s home, land and every cent he had.  How can our government justify this?  Criminals should not profit from their crimes.

We are the citizens (legals) and we cannot protect our homes?  We travel outside the U.S. and are expected to learn and use the language of nations we visit and abide by their laws.  Are we the only nation bending over backwards to protect illegal immigrants and their illegal acts?  Why are tax payers expected to “foot the bill” educating illegal immigrant children?  Why do we allow them to receive food stamps, housing,  cars, medical attention, or anything else?  Yet, if we into illegally enter Mexico or another country, we are arrested, jailed and quite possibly never heard from again.

Where is the middle class going due to the influx of illegal immigration?  To their graves, because we can’t support the volume illegal immigrants  and the entitlement crazed poor American citizens.  The poor, who if the middle class was forced to support someone it should only be a fellow citizen.  Entitlements provided to illegals must cease and desist.

The idea of crossing the US border have a baby and making it a U.S. citizen must  stop!  No one should profit from crime especially the criminal.  Most gang problems are born in this type of society.

I moved to Florida when I was 17.  I watched “illegals” renting homes and normally, there was one woman to do the laundry and cook.  The rest were men.  They all worked under one name and one social security number.  The one legal immigrant completed purchases.  They bought home after home and gas guzzling truck after truck.  They pooled their money and set up each family member.

I respect their dedication and hard work, but it’s still wrong.  People hire “illegals” knowing they are not citizens.  Renting homes to them knowing they are illegal.  Unfortunately, some people do not care when they can profit.  They don’t think about the long term costs or effect on society.

Remember the Immigration personnel driving shiny new SUV’s?  They will not visit the illegals place of employment.  Apparently, it is considered impolite and is harassment.  Yet as American citizens our rights are trampled upon daily with no regard.  We are all members of a new club.  But the club endlessly charges us for membership that has no benefits.

So….. where does Uncle Sam stand on these issues?  Take the time to find out.  Uncle Sam recognizes the issues and has logical and comprehensive plans to fix the problems.  In other words, he’s no Janet Reno!

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