Before diving into the core problem it is imperative, you fully comprehend what Progressivism is at its fundamental principle.  It is bathed, dressed, hair and make-up complete as though it were a bride on her wedding day, for everyone to “ooo” and “Ahhhh” while walking down the aisle.  However, when we look beneath the surface of the stark white dress, we can be frightened by its true evil and “butt ugly” nature.

Progressivism as defined by Halpin and Conor in “The Progressive Intellectual Tradition in America, “moving beyond the status quo to more equal and just social conditions consistent with original American democratic principles such as freedom, equality, and the common good.”  They continue noting, “The original Progressive Era is known for two major developments: One, Political Reform …and Two, Economic Reforms….Progressives’ overall goal was to replace a rigid economic philosophy…with a more democratic political order.”  HOLD ON, there is more!  They also note, “Progressivism has always been a part of a broader global movement to build more humane, just, and economically stable international community based on full opportunity and self-determination for all citizens.”

Wait we had that before these nut-jobs and we still have it now.  What?  Do you have a choice to:  turn left or right?  Take drugs or not take?  Study or not study?  Work or not work?  Marry or not marry? Cheat on your wife or not cheat?  Attend school or skip school?  Be an apprentice, learn a trade or not work and live off the government?  Everything is just as it is.  IF you are displeased with where you are at in life…YOU hold the power to make different decisions and change your circumstance!  NOT one person needs the United States Federal Government to direct their decision-making.

Ready for the kicker?  Halpin and Conor noted in the conclusion of their writing, “Progressivism-the promotion of human autonomy within a democratic national community-thus provided Americans with the means and ideas to shape their own lives and destinies in better ways.  It provided them a viable way to free themselves from the tyranny of excessive corporate power and a corrupt political class…It made economic behavior subject to public regulation.”

Yes, be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Barack Obama is a progressive creating a dual class society Upper and Lower and unabashedly politicizes every kernel of corn…until it pops.  A quiz on the site encourages you to learn how conservative or progressive you are, I scored a 35 out of 400 for which the ideological score makes me extremely conservative.  Phew, they didn’t call me a Republican.  The hilarious part of the 40 question quiz?  Every question aligns with Barack Obamas political agenda for America.  Hmmm.

The first major player in this arena was Woodrow Wilson, an academic of sorts.  The “Progressive Era”, considered from 1890 to 1920 by historians; however, this era has not ended.  It is alive in the form of Obama, George Soros, and many members of Obama’s Cabinet.  When you heard Obama on the campaign trail promising to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America, they believe the Constitution lacks the ability to address issues of a modern world.

The primary tenants of this movement are:

  1.  Reject the notion, thought, and deed that any political truths held by our Founding Fathers are not permanent principles.  They were only true back then, not today.  Charles Merriam, a Progressive scholar wrote, “American political theory is to disregard the once dominant idea of natural rights and social contract.  No man, who is well abreast of modern science as the Fathers were of eighteenth century science, believes in unchanging human nature.  Modern humanistic thinkers who seek for a means to which society may transcend external conflict and rigid adherence to property rights as its integrating principles can expect no answer in the philosophy of balanced government as was set down by the Constitution in 1176.”

They do not believe in unchanging principles.  They always change.  Hmmm, the fallacy with this is obvious, unless you don’t believe in “thou shalt not kill”; or thou shalt not commit adultery; or thou shall not steal or other “permanent truths” which originated in era of Romans, or Greeks, or the Renaissance, or Revolutionary times.  Ah, but those are not permanent, heck those were values in Moses day, just like the principles of our Constitution. Progressives want to have it both ways so they can have their cake and eat it to.  Surely, another important document, The Declaration of Independence which refers to the God given rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is not wrong.

The preamble of the Constitution introduces the vehicle whose sated purpose is to secure the rights of life and liberty.  Oh sure, happiness?  In the 18th century, the definition of Welfare was happiness & well-being.  The Constitution is deliberate to protect the rights defined by the Declaration.

2.  Thoughts, beliefs, and principles are all relevant to each other, but merely at the point in time, which they are present.  John Dewey, progressive father of education theory, wrote, “Liberalism is committed to the idea of historic relativity.  It knows that the content of the individual and freedom change as it is of individual development from infancy to maturity.  The positive counterpart of opposition to doctrinal absolutism is experimentalism.  The connection between historic relativity and experimental method is intrinsic.  Time signifies change.  The significance of individualism with respect to social policies alters with change of the conditions in which individuals live.  The earlier liberalism (of the founding fathers) in being absolute was also unhistoric.”

Ah, historic relativity, we all learned of that one in school, lol.  This part of progressivism is also a fallacy.  The pillars of our Founding Fathers; Declaration, and Constitution “IS” that progress was understood to be, change in light of unchanging standards.  Improvement implies the aptitude to progress further, while perceptive of what is good and bad.

QUIZ:  What periods of time have these factors in common?

  1. Civil unrest
  2. War
  3. Horrible Economy
  4. Domestic Terrorism
  5. Unions running out of control

ANSWER:  EVERY Progressive Era

“Killing a cop just because he’s a cop, that’ll happen.  And that should happen.  And there’s nothing inhuman about it at all. It’s survival. It’s the most human thing in the world.”  – Bernadine Dohrn – Weatherman

“The progressive defenders of the bureaucratic state see government as the source of benevolence, the moral embodiment of the collective desire to bring about social justice as a practical reality.  They believe only the mean spirited reactionaries can object to a government whose purpose is to bring about this good end.  Today, with the replacement of limited government constitutionalism by an administrative state, we see the emergence of new elite, seeking to establish a new form of perfect justice.  But as the founders and Reagan understood, in the absence of angels governing men, or men becoming angels, limited government remains the most reasonable and just form of human government.”  – John Marini

Progressive tactics prevalent in the US are Tolerance and Omission and demagoguery, and ignorance.  “Uncle Sam, tell me how to live; what I can do; what I can’t do; provide me money and services for what I don’t have and deserve; control our lives and tell me how much I should earn and who I should give money to; you manage money better than I, Amen.”  – Liberal Prayer

In the HG Wells classic “the Time Machine”, the time traveler goes to the future and encounters the “Eloi” who are the result of a communist society.  They do no work, live in deteriorated buildings, and do no work.  The Eloi (elitist) are the result of living off the fruits from the Morlocks (working class).  You see the socialist environment creates two socio-economic classes:  The “Have’s” and the “Have-not’s”.  The middle class is squeezed out, because they are the prime source of resources.  The upper middle class fall or rise the fastest, while the balance are forced to the bottom and support the “Have’s”.

No one is entitled to a house, car, health care, utilities, food or anything else in this world.  The Progressive movement is to eliminate the Constitution; redistribute wealth; and ultimately secure power for the elitists in control.  They do not care about you; or who you are; any more than the man on the moon.  They claim, preach, and lie about caring; however, the reality of the movement is hate.  Look out when you verbally disagree with one.  Oh, the attempted guilt trip; dirty words; lies; and hatred in the verbal opine spewed forth at you.  When I encounter one, it is akin to involvement in a Jerry Springer Episode.

Have you viewed the New Black Panther election video on voter intimidation?  Perhaps the video of King Samir Shabazz rant, “I hate white people, all of them, every last iota of a cracker, I hate him…We are out here on South Street, with these white dirty cracker (expletive)…you want freedom…you’re going to have to kill some crackers.”  It certainly was a disgusting display of racism.  Racism?  Yes, and reverse discrimination by a man, who Attorney General Eric Holder, let off the hook without trial.  What is that odor?  Something doesn’t smell right.  If you or I, verbalized comments of this nature at another race, we would be crucified, locked up, and key thrown away.

Theodore Lowi noted “Interest Group Liberalism” as the new American political process.  Which depicts government and groups of people as virtuous and demand accommodation rather than as the selfish minority who necessitate regulation.  Democrats, liberals, and progressives are all participants in this modern liberalism also known as the pluralist model.  Since the early 1900s this represented and developed through expansion of the regulatory state and transformed American republicanism into something quite different from government established by the Constitution.

A “representative” design of government via our Constitution was to moderate these “special” or private interests and renovate them into to public opinion or reason.  “It is this reason, alone, of the public that ought to control and regulate the government.”  –Federalist Papers.

The papers also note, “representation would refine and enlarge public views by passing them through the medium of a chosen body of citizens, whose wisdom may best discern the true interest of their country and whose patriotism and love of justice will be the least likely  to sacrifice it to temporary or partial consideration”.

Perfect example of Progressive altering the “American mindset:  Christmas.  Contemplate the use of Happy Holidays 40 years ago vs today.  They push political correctness for the minority not believing in Christ.  Yet many become sheep and alter their speech and mindset.  It is absurd!

Another example is Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty who spoke true to his beliefs yet finds himself chastised and canceled.  ABSURD!  The First Amendment applies until you disagree with liberals.

Consider this:

The facts of our American Revolution  as instructed to our children grow less detailed every year.  Why is that?  The simple answer  in one word:  progressives.  Yet, we mutually  know more today and the plethora of information available with a click of the button would lend support to believe otherwise.  Unfortunately that is not the case.

We sufficiently know many adults lack knowledge of basic facts, dates, and key players of the Revolution.  The progressives are relentless.  For example, in discussion with an acquaintance on the topic of separation of church and state clearly defined the ignorance of many.  She believed the constitution stated it.  If she spent 3 minutes reading, she would not have displayed her ignorance.   Was it her fault to be wrong?  After all the progressive “mantra” on this topic is “What is the First Amendment?”  Teachers then answer “Separation of Church and State.”  This is a LIE.  The progressive attack on separation of church and state involves manipulation of the words and recreating history and attempts to make an inconvenient part of the Constitution disappear.

Thousands of documents and historic fact prove progressives wrong.  How then do they change history?  Omission and slogans in  public schools.  Teachers, you know, the ones provided more than a trillion dollars and fail to heighten the quality of education; yet, and more concerned about the bargaining table, than education.  They teach children separation of church and state, its less time-consuming and less complicated.    

The same abomination is true for the “history of the American Revolution.”  How many people return to expand their knowledge of American History after high school?  Knowing and using this premise in education and how people naturally forget with time…but people remember slogans like “separation of state.”  Ah, but with a simple slogan people remember, even blatant lies.

There are indeed a few  to whom the “lie” fails but it doesn’t matter because the damage is done.  History is a funny thing.  It is more interesting to those who have lived during “historic events.”  How many  recall 911, Berlin Wall falling, or the Challenger disaster and people naturally are more apt to share their wisdom on these events compared to the American Revolution?   There is no portion of modern, or perhaps ancient history, worthy of diving into greater detail after school is dismissed for the last time.

Should the perusal of the American Revolution revive or rekindle or evoke some facet of thirst more information?  Besides the regrets entailed in the contemplation of our past misfortunes may at least prove a lesson for avoiding the same mistakes in future.  If people were knowledgeable of the American Revolution we would be capable of rising up to fight the tyranny existent in Washington today.  Knowledge is power and power in the hands of the “three percent” can be very dangerous to those seeking socialism and global order.  Especially in the present hectic age, when no political course can be safe when it is not framed upon principles or suited to the progressive interests.

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