Socialism and Obama: Now you know the rest of the story

Socialism and Obama: Now you know the rest of the story

Most governments exist directly and indirectly to money and resources.  Governments are created as the result of; control of; or lack of money.  In the case of the United States it was government taxation that contributed to creation of a new government.  The “Republic” created by our founding fathers and all governments since, are monetary capitalist civilizations.  Capitalism is not the by product of money it is the foundation for it. 

Most Governments are centered upon capital:  regulation of it; accumulation of it; and creation of money.  At the end of the day, capitalism is centered on profit, private business and property ownership.  Whether admitted or not socialism and communism entail capitalist ideals and practices as the inherent nature of capitalism involves wealth.  Wealth is the imbalance of capital by government. 

Government tyranny in any civilization based on money is the illusion of “resource scarcity.”  The features of capitalism inevitably reward those who work and or attempt to satisfy needs.  It is inescapable function of capitalism to benefit government because the nature of humans is to control, have power over others and dictate their perception of what is good and bad.  The “republic” form of government case of the United States has check and balances to preempt that type of human nature.

Communism and Socialism, however, entails the phenomenon of “resource scarcity” entailing wealth imbalance and a two class socio-economic society: the haves and have-not’s.  Money is capitalism but Communism or Socialism can never exist without capitalism.  Both forms of government exist as a illusory and dishonest narrative of capitalisms function.  

Progressives, liberals, Democrats all need capitalism to control and manipulate their version of Socialism.  They require a malicious illusion, neigh, a “Delusion” to manipulate the public into believing rich people are evil; rich people do not care about poor people; rich people do not deserve to be rich.  Ironically, the same people communicating this farce are rich people.  Rich people who desire power and control.  Their altruistic façade is another manipulation of the American mind. 

Government is the mechanism for manipulating and managing money.  Money management or mismanagement is the rationale utilized by government to generate illusions.  Elitists in government manipulate money management so they can accomplish the illusion of alleviating social dysfunction or problems or ultimately control society.  It is all about scarcity of resources. 

For example, energy.  The United States owns enough oil, coal, and natural gas to never import from any other nation.  However, IF we utilized our resources the socialistic elitists in government inevitably loses control of social behaviors that it deems desirable in their “ILLUSION” of moving the United States from a Republic form of government to socialism.  Manipulating minds is impossible without resource scarcity. 

 EVERY liberal ILLUSION is premised on Capitalism as a method for controlling “social interact tions.”  Government is the consequence of human nature striving for control and power. 

Money, via capitalism, provides the vehicle to accomplish their mission of socialism.  Money is the systematic control of resource allocation.  It also enables scarcity of those resources.  The control of capital rationally necessitates regulation of and inherent manipulation of people as people produce capital.  

So whether you or politicians use the term of money, capital, capitalism, governments, and scarcity it is all the same.  It is all about a lack of intelligence or ignorance by the public who generally rely upon government and elected officials to be forthright in their intentions.  Unfortunately, human nature prevents that from ever happening and as long as an ignorant public elects people like Obama, Biden, Reid, Clinton, Pelosi.  .  .  we are doomed. 

Now you know why control of public education, common core, and manipulation of history books is essential to their plan.  It is essential to perpetuating an ignorant voting public.


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