Liberalism and Today’s Politics

Conservative rights in its virtue are a historical consciousness rooted in the sense of family.  It is signified by the hard work found in our own personal fight for success.  However, liberals reject these traditions of our journey through life.  Liberals also discard any thought that natural law establishes conventional law and it is not adequate or sufficient. 

Conservatives must use history and discover an absolute way to contest the liberal concept which radically dehumanize and reduces all men to unqualified equality.   This premise gives rise to the Tea Party, Fair Tax, Constitution Party, Libertarian and all other Conservative groups.  Because Republicans have and continue to fail conservatives and guard the Constitution.  IF the GOP were actually conservative most of the groups would not exist.

Liberalism denies completely and mutilates history in its relentless pounding all forms of media and education with its mantra of progress that mindlessly urges people to ignore the Constitution.  Progressives want people to move past the complexities and nuances of individuality in society.  There is absolutely no room for individuality within the “collective.”  Democrats believe “no allowance” can be made for individuals, as all men are relegated to accept social evolution.  Liberals want to diminish America into socialism by subverting the Constitution and eliminate the abstract notions of our “Founding Fathers”:  liberty, equality and justice.

Here is the reality of today’s political groups:

  • Democrats are Progressives
  • Independents are Democrats
  • Republicans are centrist and flip-flop from Democrat to Republicanism
  • Tea Party is what Republicans are supposed to be
  • Libertarians are Libertarians and remain consistent

HOW in the world can this be true?  Here is the proof, but first examine this chart:

Change in political group chart









An examination of our culture, evaluated by this analysis, of what I term “generational-ism”, provides disheartening results.  When I speak of cultural decay, many examples may come to mind based upon your personal experiences.  One person may think of the explosion of pornography; another person may think of traditional marriages; and yet another will reflect on respect, manners, religion, or …

While all are true, the “package” of cultural decay encompasses an abundance of “lost values”, treasured at the time of our Founding Fathers.  In every point in history many values were lost or ignored.  This erosion of values continues to impact our daily lives; but, more importantly – politics and government.

For example, the so-called “greatest generation” (Baby boomer parents) lived through very difficult times and wanted to provide more for their children than their parents did.  They began giving materialism and opportunities to their kids without the child earning the benefits.  Parents hastily acted to fill those needs, while numerous values failed to transfer to the next generation.  Values such as:  Respect; family; opening the door for a lady; prayer; traditional marriage between a man and a woman; table manners; how a table is set; or proper conduct in public.  The result over time is dilution of conservative values; as each generation grows more tolerant of liberal behaviors and ideas.  Hence, a person’s conservative value today is not considered, or to be confused with the conservative values of your grandparents.  Think of it like this, recall your teen-age years and how various beliefs of your parents that you held to be “square”, “old fashioned”, or “not cool”.  The mirror and translate to conservatism as a political ideology.

Each new generation contributed to further decay of conservative values; filtered out as parents worked and kids became termed “latch key”; and family values deteriorated.  Thus, conservatism today is the liberalism of your parents.  Therefore, when I discuss conservatism, I am not speaking of today’s conservative values, because I consider those liberal values.  The beauty created by “The Tea Party” is a desire for embracing the values inherent to our Constitution.  We must revert to our Constitutional principles…absent from today’s society.

Prime example of society absent or morals is the trash on television.  While millions of red-blooded teenage boys will disagree with “Girls Gone Wild” as trash, I note these shows:  Cheaters; Jail; Cops; Big Brother; Jerry Springer; Ru Paul Drag Race & Logo Channel; Wolf-boy; Temptation Island; Who wants to Marry a US Citizen;….

What does each Party believe?

PERSPECTIVE Positive Scared Negative
  Proud, Self-Respect Flip – Flop Self-Loathing,
  Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happy Go Both Ways, voting supports 1960 Liberals Fairness, Entitlement
  Right/Wrong, Truth, Reality Flavor of the Moment Fear Mongers / Crisis Escalation
  Christian Nation Should be Christian Secular Nation
  Republic Democracy Socialist / Marxist / Communist
OUTLOOK Optimistic Flip – Flop Pessimistic
  Voters are the Solution Whatever, just Elect me Voters are Dumb
  Deal in Facts Facts Operate on Emotions
  Historical 1960 Liberals What they want in Future
THEIR SYSTEM Country First Country First, but… Individual First
  Free Speech Free Speech Speak if they agree with it
  God God Secular
  Limited Government Moderate Gov’t Big Government
  Progressivism is Evil Go Both Ways Republicans are Evil
  Traditional Traditional Whatever works for you
CONSTITUTION Founders Absolutely Right Somewhere in the Middle “Living Constitution”
  Repair to Origins Scared to Fight it Judicial Activism
DOMESTIC POLICY Americans First How can I get elected, 60’s Liberalism World First
  Sovereign United States Sovereign Global Community First
  Capitalism Capitalism Government Dependence
  Right to Work A little of Both Unions
  Earn your life by working Earn your way Government provided life
FINANCES Spend, but realizing end is near What gets me Elected?  1960’s Liberalism Spend to Oblivion
  Supply-Side Economics Earmarks? Keynesian
  Low Taxes Low Taxes High Taxes
  America take Care of itself Independent, but… Cap and Trade/Global Warming
FOREIGN POLICY Strength / Get in Line Strong Weak / Cow-Tail
  Free Trade Mixture Protectionism
  America, Land of the Free What gets me Elected? US as part of Global Government
  Protect Israel…Spend only if tangible benefit to US Why are we giving money Away again? Globalization


Ronald Reagan’s Address in 1964 about Barry Goldwater,

“…it doesn’t require expropriation or confiscation of private property or business to impose socialism on a people…if the government holds the power of life and death over that business or property.  Such a mechanism already exists.  The government can find some charge to bring against any concern it chooses to prosecute.”

Ask the State of Arizona, the law in question Arizona defends is its action to uphold Federal law.  So why does the Federal Government ignore its job?  The evil reality of political correctness by politicians who purport to be “working on it” by calling for immigration reform… yet this lip service extends the problem and prevents a resolution.  This example depicts the decay of political parties previously mentioned.

Now, recall the magazine title:  “WE ARE ALL SOCIALISTS NOW” …

Do you get it now?

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