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America is a severely polarized society when it comes to politics.  People presume you disagree and thus the other person must be stupid or malevolent.  If someone is a member of an opposing belief, their motivations immediately become suspect.  Social media perfectly depicts this polarization.

The political forum is a disgraceful scene of today’s great battlefield of ideas.  Most say nothing and many are barely capable of using language correctly.  Many compensate by capitalizing everything since victory clearly goes to those yelling loudest.

Electoral victory goes to the candidate managing to say nothing with the biggest smile.  The speeches of candidates seldom have substance and marginal antidotes with clever slogans.  Debates never fail to provide honest answers and the debaters relish the opportunity to divert any question to a prepared speech that rarely answers the moderators question. They will use books or “group tested” quips claiming the approval of literally everything they say as proof that they care about you.  Progress and progress in America is their primary concern unlike their inapt counterpart across the stage.

Ambitious candidates might even think of a clever “catch phrase” and thereby secure victory from the entertainment driven electorate.  Truly the election process is the “Selling of the President.”  Any candidate with concrete proposals should give up before they embarrassing themselves.   Is the candidate’s hair combed by a stylist; is the “suit or tie or dress” the right color; is their posture present strength or weakness; who is polite or who does not take any crap;  are notes used or is it impromptu; …

Since the earliest days of our Republic, this polarization was not so rapidly communicated as with Twitter or Facebook and relied upon the daily Newspaper, publication or campaign stops to learn of a candidate’s worthiness.  Back then partisanship ruled the day.

The era of “machine politics” differs from today only in method.  Today’s political parties love to slander opposition candidates, just ask Herman Cain.  Candidate’s use to accuse the other being pawns of the “machine.”

Meaningful issues and principles presented by radicals of the hijacked Republican Party fill the liberal media.  For example, the Tea Party” is nothing but descendants of prohibitionists or other radicals.  The Republicans were fortunate their radical offshoots never got far politically but frequently fell under the influence of those whose arguments consisted of what they purport to uphold.  However, their opponents support utopian promises of socialism and they accuse everyone on Wall Street as evil and greedy..

Reality?   There has never been a “golden age” of civil discourse.  Today’s social media outbursts reflect an expedient version what is always communicated, just more of it.  Facebook and Twitter or other methods heightened the flow of information or disinformation.  It is a political animal that is a tale of partisan politics and always will be.

However, while pursuing dialogue the unfortunate result is a mass of uneducated voters who really fail to comprehend the debate or know who is telling the truth.

Conservatives must educate the masses a daunting task indeed.  IMPACT:  the average voter does not see , touch or realize the traumatic threat of liberal legislation, the deficit or sovereignty issues from the UN.  If those threats fail to touch the daily lives of voters, they remain as rhetoric and false.  That must change yet this is a product of government wasting more than a Trillion dollars on public education and the liberal assault on omissions from textbooks and indoctrination of students to the liberal mentality.

For example, one college student swore “separation of church and state” is written in the constitution.  It is not, but is a glaring example of the liberal teaching methods.  So educate your brethren and neighbors, but do it without all caps.

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