Support Trump for President

Why Support Trump for President:  He accomplishes, where the Tea Party failed.

  1. Trump exists because of the people we loathe in both political parties… elitists We have been bullied, policed, harassed, and ultimately ignored by both parties which LIE and claim they care yet fail to represent “We the People” Once elected and in Washington
  2. Trump will end Business as usual in Washington and actually make gov’t work for you, not against you.
  3. TRUMP is the ONLY candidate who puts America first, not other nations first, re TPP and NAFTA.
  4. Trump will put American Security First, not other nations. And other nations will reimburse America for any and all expenses incurred. Currently they do not . Ex: $640 Miillion to NATO or 22% of the budget vs Germany at #2 paying 14%
  5. Trump will build the “WALL”, Mexico pays $560 million / year.  It is the job – a fundamental responsibility – of our federal government to protect our borders from illegal entry. Governmental handling of the border with Mexico is so ridiculous it leaves me speechless…almost. Try a 50’ wall, an additional 10’ of twisted razor wire, 25 yards of anti-personnel mines, a 10’ tall electrical fence and the next mile outward of military facility used to train pilots on bombing runs. Hey Mexico…you feeling froggy? And….BOOM goes the dynamite!
  6. Trump will halt Muslim Immigration. But should cease 100%. We are sovereign and do not have to let anyone in. We closed our doors b4 until mid-20th century. 16 Muslim nations prohibit Jews from entry and another 8 nations deny entry if you have visited
  7. Trump will send Illegal Aliens back home which cost $768k annually per US household. 92% of Republican oppose any growth to immigration levels, and an overwhelming margin of almost five-to-one Republican voters believe that so-called free trade deals are damaging wages.
  8. No Amnesty, no exceptions. America has done this in the past
  9. Trump will build the wall. Mexico pays via $560 Million in annual aid elimination and tariffs.
  10. Trump will fix Trade barriers and inherent differentials
  11. Trump will open the door for the $2 Trillion in cash sitting in Foreign banks
  12. Trump will NOT allow NAFTA or a North American Union to evolve (2005)…”Building a North American Union”, partially written by Heidi Cruz but fully supported by Heidi.
  13. Trump will not allow TPP and NAFTA to merge as the next step towards a North American Union and economic fleecing of the United States.
  14. Trump will NOT allow United Nations or Agenda 21 to exist or grow further in our Sovereign nation.
  15. Trump will put Balance the Budget
  16. Trump will Negotiate not as Dem’s/GOP currently which compromises continue moving America further away from a Constitutional Gov’t to Socialism, To moving our nation back to its Constitutional origins.
  17. America First: For years Washington politicians prioritize the needs of other nations and global corporatists before America. The Establishment is invested in promoting “America Last” policies. “They think their world is advanced & their financial interests are advanced by bringing in low wage people (immigrants). Trump refuses to adopt the longstanding “America-Last” platform of establishment. Trump’s America First platform on the critical issues of immigration and trade sets him up as true enemy of the Establishment
  18. Trump will revert job measurement indices changed in 2010 by Obama
  19. Do you know the Overton window? It’s so far left something huge must happen to change the course of our nation BACK to the Constitution and its libertarian roots which are being strangled by the GOP, Dem’s and incessant regulatory State in which we live.
  20. Smashing Political Correctness, designed by libtards to control your thoughts /actions
  21. Breaks open all the Taboo’s that inhibit real debate about topics like women pay, wage gaps, immigration, politicians extorting special Interest, unions….
  22. Honest debates can result than fearing whether you will be fired or ostracized by your party
  23. Beginning of a cultural insurgency which does not inhibit you from Freedoms
  24. End of Political Parties which believe they know better than you. End the party delegate schematic which over-rides the intrinsic value of your vote.
  25. This is the First Presidential election not based on Foreign Policy, tax position or … but the Freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.
  26. You should not be inhibited, or restricted by Legislation which is fine for New York but bad for Kansas. Each state should determine education, EPA  rules, speed limits, drugs, wages …..
  27. Trump is Reaganesque in bringing many social-groups together, BUT he is more like Calvin Coolidge in action between political parties
  28. Presidential material is in the eyes of the beholder. I do not view Trump’s honest rhetoric, bluntness as non-Presidential, HE BREAKS the PC mold inhibiting our nations success. Nor is the fact he has more Women leaders running his organization than any other company (as a percentage), despite the lies to the contrary in MSM
  29. Sending $500 Billion annually to other nations when we own $19 Trillion deficit is absurd
  30. Trump supporters as a whole are tired of being lied to for decades.  Trump breaks the mold and is the Libertarianesque solution to end politics as usual.
  31. Halting illegal immigration benefits people across all sectors of economic virtue.
  32. Trump will end Common Core and Dept. of Education
  33. Trump will begin returning the power to the States, which is constitutionally where the power should rest. States used to control who was US Senators so they could best represent their State Interest.
  34. Trump returns fun to politics… No canned speeches, no Marco Rubio robot retorts Tell it like it is, do not lie to us.  Did you know in every State of the Union address the specifics of US debt were enumerated and communicated?  Not one President in our lifetime has expressed other than broad stroke claim of its magnitude.
  35. Polls, MSM, pundits claiming Trump cannot beat Hillary are lying to you. The same people and bogus analysis claimed trump would be done by October, he wouldn’t last, had no chance.  Trump is redefining campaigns and the establishment media, journalists, politicians and GOP elite hate it! They are losing power and are afraid of losing more power over you, power over your opinion; power of controlling your life. No one like to give up power, if you don’t believe me men ask your wife. Lol
  36. You claim, ah but I do not know how he will act as President. How is this any different than any elected politician over the past 25 or 50 years?  That is why we are in this mess to begin with!
  37. Trump loves America; we will never have to worry about him defending our sovereignty. He is not beholding to any special interest; he is not controlled by the establishment; he reflects the American Dream.
  38. Trump will require numeration for military protection… Japan, Saudi Arabia….NATO
  39. Trump is self-funding his campaign and achieving greater success doing so while spending 10% of what his competitors are doing. This same fiscal propriety will be used in the White House.
  40. Trump supports our Vet’s, Wounded Warriors, and VA reform
  41. Trump has access to and will have a team off the greatest NON-political, NON-establishment minds to heighten American Greatness.
  42. NO, Trump will not create trade wars (establishment talking point) but NO ONE in 30 years has put American trade interests first. Other nations need the US and our economy not vice versa… you must comprehend this reality.
  43. Trump favors the pipeline
  44. Trump will lift Obamas ridiculous energy EPA policies killing American businesses which, for example has killed thousands of Coal jobs.
  45. Ted Cruz has flip –flopped on more than 35 policy positions and only uttered truth in less than 10% of his statements. THIS is why we are in this predicament & continuing to elect the same stereotypical politicians does not and fails to change the D.C. culture. We would only continue receiving the same BAD results!
  46. Trumps campaign has been brilliant. Keeping people guessing; correctly prognosticating; and ultimately playing the MSM like a banjo while using of social media.
  47. Only one who can beat Hillary and not back down to the Clinton Mob
  48. Trump is anti-establishment…Trump is not doing what he’s told because he is self-funded. Establishment likes people to do what they’re told. Cruz is beholding to special interest including Soros. Republicans, including Cruz, nominate candidates who would sidestep or suppress the key issues by compromising with Democrats on the issues that matter to Republican voters. In so doing, the establishment creates a monopoly of sorts & consensus on particular issues—and, as a result, voters are denied their ability to choose a candidate who represents their interests
  49. Republicans & Democrats are in cahoots since 1948 and the favorite trick of the Democrats is to try to get the Republicans to pass over their strongest candidate (Trump) and nominate instead a candidate who will be easy to control (Cruz).
  50. Trump has proven results in business; hiring, firing, dealing with the amalgamation of Federal Regulations in the real world and restrictions inhibiting economic growth. Knowledge of corporate inversion, cost benefit, financing… and what immediate relief  is required to boost economic growth from the supply side not the governments or a politicians assumptions of what they are..
  51. Politicians only lip service the deficit as they continue approving/voting for Omnibus spending measures filled with pet project like a bridge to no-where,
  52. Name a politician without his hand in your pocket or donors or special interests?
  53. Trump is the only hope to defeat the Kingmakers (establishment), because everybody else, including Cruz, will fall in line
  54. Trump will end the United States paying $6 Billion annually or 1/3 of the UN budget
  55. Trump supports the pledge of Allegiance and saying Merry Christmas. OK yes, this fits under PC.


NO, this is not opening Pandora’s Box.  All people own prejudices at some level. You make judgements on people you see on the street based on attire, smell, haircuts, skin color, religion, housing, mannerism’s, conduct …  they exist and have always existed.  It is whether YOU choose to act upon them which is the defining differential. BUT, YOU own the Freedom to live your life; think how you want to; and not be controlled or restricted by the EVER incessant politician and legislative state which barely resembles the intentions of the Constitution. Profiling isn’t evil…we all do it. Say your 16-year-old daughter tells you that she’s been asked out by three boys for Friday night and is trying to decide whom to go out with. One boy is the valedictorian; another is the starting quarterback and the last dropped out of school and does nipple piercing at Hepatitis Ink and Pawn. Is it the liberal’s contention that all three boys deserve the same parental scrutiny? Not in my crib. Profiling doesn’t necessarily mean restriction or discrimination. It implies a higher level of diligence, and like other forms of government intrusion is an acceptable inconvenience in a world redefined by terrorism.

Does racism still exist? I’m sure it does, or at the least, prejudices remain. But institutional racism…the kind that has been so hard-fought to eliminate, is mostly dead. Step back…there is a black man in the White House. For everyone but maybe the Truthers, this is a strong inference that America is coming to terms with its racial history. So while we’re eulogizing, let’s dirt nap a few more examples of conversational excrement. If I don’t like Barack Obama (and I don’t) or disagree with his politics, it just might be because I see him for the fraud he is, not because I hate black people. The same goes for Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Reverend Wright, Van Jones, Al Sharpton and O.J. (I’m a sports fan). And before you say the obvious, let me state I have a list proportionally larger of white people I dislike equally or more. I’m still working up my list on Latinos and Asians. The point is I can find so much more than mere skin color as a basis for disliking somebody. The cry of racism is in most cases just intellectually lazy and used by the race-baiting hoards for money and power. It’s sinister. When someone speaks out on inner city poverty, on illegitimacy, or on the crime rate, unemployment and the welfare state, the Left marches out their most available black mouthpiece to call foul and brand that person a racist. It’s an attempt to derail any real debate or reforms that might actually improve the conditions of minorities and in so doing, jeopardize the allegiance of this captive constituency. The plantations of the south that shackled blacks for hundreds of years have been replaced by modern day so-called advocacy groups, and while chains and whips have long since been abandoned, make no mistake…the effect upon blacks brought about by the cottage industry of racist-branding is still debilitating. It’s pretty simple, and all apologies to Johnny Cochran; if the label don’t fit, stop talkin’ ****!

The racism, homophobia, religious bias… is minimized  YET the Dem’s talking points demand it does exist to drive wedges and create a false sense of  panic, chaos, and evil to attempt, neigh create bogus urgency to further their legislative machine to control your life.  IT MUST END!  For example the bakery who refused to bake a cake for gays.  SO WHAT! Either in we live in a Free Market or we do not.  This scenario was simply a tool to generate a false hatred based on religious beliefs but is really a mechanism to control your life and not have freedom. It was not about fixing bigotry, but stifling Christianity and religion.

Do not point to social media to disagree. Young teens and 20 somethings have espoused rants and commentary to garner and harness attention rather than reflect true beliefs for centuries.  The difference is immediacy and reach provided by social media to fulfill that need is offered a vehicle via technology to accomplish or fulfill their intrinsic need for attention.  It is a direct response for being told they cannot say something by liberals and authorities. Once you realize it is about trolling and provoking a reaction you will grasp the realities of the dynamic.

On a political measure… Until the MSM made up the false David Duke narrative, when is the last time you heard of or frequency thereof for learning about KKK news or an event? They have no political clout; they are virtually non-existent numerically compared to the past.  Yet due to the past everyone leaps up to the lie.  The only real KKK endorsement was of Hillary Clinton by the CA Grand Dragon.

Another key is removal of PC.  The legitimate use of any term like gay, homo, faggot or queer is or should be ok. Why? IT TAKES AWAY THE POWER of words.  When a word is deemed by political correctness to be evil, mean, harmful or fulfill some false liberal designed phobia and it enables the liberal agenda, enables liberal activism, enables  false hatred, enables liberal policies… like with the baking a cake example, noted above.

You must understand liberals want to put you in a bucket and label you. i.e. black, white, blue collar, homophobe, right wing extremist, socialist, globalist, bully, preppie, dumb jock … WHY???  THEY WANT TO CONTROL you and tell you how to accomplish something, act, behave, and think.  Just because Ted Cruz states something 10 20 or 100 times, DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE! Yet when you are in a bucket, labeled as X and told this is how they think, act, behave … they aim to identify and control you based on your label.

UNLESS we break PC which is liberal control of not you but society as a collective.  Remember, Obama and his intent on American collective? It is disgusting and must end!  No other candidate can break through these problems except Trump.  Hillary exacerbates the liberal narrative and Crus is an establishment robot politician whether he attempts to label himself Conservative or not he lacks the power to CHANGE the dynamic or GOP/Dem’s establishment deterioration of great nation.  When he continues to be part of and condone the problem, not provide solutions to changing the DC dynamic.

No reason to import Muslims to the United States.  The worst part of Islam isn’t the radicals who detonate bombs… it is the alleged 80% of Muslims who fail to stop or do anything to stop the radical fringe.  Importing Muslims and allowing citizenship will effectively turn back the clock on many of the rights acquired, for example, women voting; working … hell the US gov’t already protects many Muslim concepts in our society before those for you and me. It has a Regressive impact or consequence on our lives.

You must understand that Libtards believe that if they can control you or shape language (PC) in society, you can stop bigotry, hatred by claiming words have power they don’t have.  For example, by only using the word gay it will cease alleged homophobia or end racism by banning the N word.  That is not how it works. Get the drift?  Reality is to live with one another and get along despite our prejudices and differences.  On the flip side, gays bullying Christians or forcing them to bake a cake does not change or force Christianity out of our society.

SAFE SPACE is part of the detriment of free speech because exchange of differing opinions is muted.  College’s owned by or a facilitation thereof primarily where liberals indoctrinate the future minds of our nation.  Free speech by liberals is always protected, yet conservativism is not afforded the same protections.

Liberals want you fixated on small marginal issues impacting a small group of people like a magician, watch this hand and ignore what my other hand is doing, all the while changing policy impacting large groups.  The establishment does the same thing except behind closed doors.

Continuing to elect and vote for the same rehashed politician, on either side, fails to change America’s problems.  Keep making the same decisions and you will continue receiving the same results.

Tea Party and dues paying members are complicit with GOP via dues payment with party issues. The rebellion now coming to a head within the Republican Party seems to represent the build-up of the revolt that the Tea Party is incapable of finishing. Establishment is invested in promoting “America Last” policies. “They think their world is advanced & their financial interests are advanced by bringing in low wage people (immigrants). Trump refuses to adopt their longstanding “America-Last” platform of establishment. Trump will finish the job.

  • US spends $35 Billion annually on foreign aide
  • US gives Mexico $560 million annually
  • US pays 22% of NATO budget @ $642 Million, Germany is 2nd at 14%
  • US pays $6 billion of the UN operations budget of $16 Billion or 1/3 of the cost, hmmm

Something has to be done about Washington, our schools, about political correctness, extreme environmentalism, the liberal media elite, Obama’s lurch toward socialism, and of course…Ron Popeil. Look…the blue print is there, we just have to follow it. Let’s first admit our mistakes. It’s a mistake to believe that health care is a right under your government. Health care is a commodity, a consumable. Is our current model perfect? No…and far from it. But mark my words…if the Supreme Court doesn’t strike down Obamacare, it won’t take long before you miss that imperfect old system.

See, the question isn’t whether or not the government can solve certain ills and injustices, it’s do they have the scope and authority to even try? Limited government means that we provide resources and empower government in very selective ways to carry out services, which a collective cannot do on its own. National defense, infrastructure, a legislative and judicial framework are the core tenets.  The government doesn’t solve problems…it can barely identify them. I see the role of government like that of a football referee. They are there to protect and see that the rules are followed… giving folks a level playing field on which to compete. They shouldn’t be involved in what plays are called, who gets in the game, and for damn sure they’re role as an enforcement body should never intrude to the point where outcomes are decided.

As much as it pains me to say it, for every good person currently serving in a leadership position within our government or writing for  an entity capable of shaping public opinion, there are five morons sitting right next to them trying desperately to dumb-down smartie pants in hopes of boosting their own self-esteem.

We’re hurting folks. I’m declaring this country on double-secret probation, effective immediately. Somewhere along the way we gave the fraternity over to the nerds because the cool guys were too busy – well, being cool – to step up and run the house. Now, you have Marmalard running MSNBC, Niedermeyer running the Senate and Stork in the White House! The global community is ready to pull our charter and we’re running out of time to right the course.

The neo-fascist progressives in their seemingly infinite stupidity believe that by invoking the names of Bush, Gingrich, and Reagan people will again reject conservatives and keep the dreams of a bunch of radical losers alive. I hope in the years to come, people become wise to what’s going on around them and summarily spank these mental midgets back to their Ivy League schools and utopian think tanks. I wish also that Right-minded individuals began to demand and expect more from their leadership. If that effort requires a split from the GOP, so be it.

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  1. You win the “Longest Laundry List” (with no corroborating evidence) award.

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