What are you willing to sacrifice?  Would you be willing to sacrifice your Social Security to help balance the budget?  The single greatest source of America’s economic decline is Government lavishness; can’t pay cash = don’t buy it.  ALL solutions are fully detailed in “Uncle Sam for President”

“Thrift comes when you find the bottom of your purse” – Seneca

  1. Entitlements – Model every one after either the “Northwest Ordinance” or “Homestead Act.”  “The way out of our entitlement mess is implicit in these Acts” – Larry Arrn
  2. End long-term entitlements.  Most expire at 180 days – Why should kids ever move out of Mom and Dads, knowing them or Government will pay for everything.
  3. Eliminate Federal Dept.’s, Bureau’s, Commissions, Councils, Agencies… Education; Energy; Housing and Urban Development; Amtrak; Post Office; NLRB; Americorp; Public Debt; CAO, CFO, …; Fannie Mae; Freddie Mac and 30 others!
  4. No Foreign aid – America’s debt is 62% of our economy… zero transfers until is budget balanced.  The annual amount is less than 1% of the total budget; however, every dollar adds up.  Four reasons we do:  National Security, Political Stability, Humanitarian, and Long-Term Development. 2004 – $19.6 Billion 2006 Total exceeded $22.8 billion.
  5. Cut the IRS – 75% (…at most initially) is required.  Then eliminate it as States ramp up to meet their intended fiscal responsibilities
  6. Balanced Budget – the bleeding patient fails to stop bleeding and the Dr. can’t figure out why the patient does not improve.
  7. Strict budgets – Don’t you dare spend more or be jailed for crime against the public!
  8. NO Omnibus Spending – Either spending is appropriated in the budget or not
  9. Pass budgets on time – Everyone knows the deadline; Shut down until passed
  10. Every budget – 90% of projected Income
  11. Restrict Budget Growth to 1% above inflation = balanced budget in 2015.
  12. NO Earmarks – pet projects not allowed!
  13. No additional government debt instruments – “Accumulation of Debt is perhaps the natural disease of all governments.”  -Hamilton
  14. Taxation – FAIR TAX – Everyone treated equally rich or poor (when was the last time a poor person created a job?)  Citizens keep the fruits of their labor at whatever level that is.
  15. NO unionization of government employee’s and all Unions abolished
  16. Either you are a good employee or not.  Federal laws are in place protecting employees
  17. All Federal Government employees are merit based pay with annual review
  18. All States are “Right to Work” with enforcement clauses.
  19. Employers and Employees are penalized for violations
  20. Repeal Bacon-Davis Act … Just because a project spends federal dollars; fails to justify spending additional 30% more money.
  21. Abolish Obama Care – If you believe in it, then you should let Michael Jackson’s physician tuck you in at night!  Interstate Competition; Tort Reform; and Free Market rules.
  22. Eliminate tenure for teachers.  Pay for performance, just as those in the private sector.  Example, courtesy of Wisconsin Teachers, I loved the irony revealed in the video clips of Teachers who claimed on a sign, “I love my students that is why I am doing this!”   Wait, you love you students; so you call in sick to work – as do 600 or your peers; and Milwaukee schools have to close.  Hmmm, so your students miss school because you don’t want to pay part of your pension or benefits?  LOL, Wow, you work nine months a year and earn more than $89,000 in salary and benefits and you are complaining.  Now that is entitlement irony.
  23. Education: Test at beginning and end of school year ACT Explore; ACT and SAT and one to be developed for grades 1-7.  Teacher performance weighted 50% on score improvement.
  24. Terrorism – Profile at borders, airports, and train stations (follow the Israeli model)
  25. No hyphenated status, i.e. ( African-American, Mexican-American …)
  26. Born here = American, enough is enough
  27. Focus on important issues NOT – Gay rights; global warming; ACLU; smart cars; obesity; religion.  Enforce the law.
  28. Prisons – No Country clubs; no weight sets; TV, or luxuries… bare bones living.  Jail should not provide amenities beyond food, books, and the exercise yard.
  29. Debt Limits are frozen at $18 Trillion
  30. No Federal Campaign check off box – changed to “Federal Debt” check off box.
  31. IF a politician:  Lies, cheats, steals, perjures, or …NO legislative Censorship, all appropriate and applicable laws applied to all.  It is treated as a crime, just as if a non-elite, Joe blow or john q public committed the act.
  32. EVERY politician must have the same health care package as the public
  33. EVERY politician must pay (co-pay) for his or her own health insurance bills
  34. ZERO, NADA, ZILCH … CZARS are Abolished and illegal
  35. English only:  Learn it or leave.  All materials, Federal or private, printed in English
  36. NO Federal Department or Agency can create laws, statutes, or requirements of business or individuals …only Congress … Just like it reads…in the Constitution.
  37. Israel  ===> tell Palestinians, either accept it as it is OR we will take back the Golan Heights and Gaza Strip and put Jerusalem 100% Israeli.  No invasion of Egypt, Lebanon, or Syria
  38. US Post Office – GO private; no bailout; profit or fold.

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The government is not responsible for you; you are responsible for “yourself.” “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”…

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The government is not responsible for you; you are responsible for “yourself.” “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”…

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