The Tea Party is a label for “Conservative” as the “Republican” label betrayed its Conservative membership.  “Tea Party” simply separates, identifies, and defines Conservatives from Republicans.

Whenever legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people…they put themselves into a state of war with the people…” — John Locke

Do not presume The Tea Party is the sole answer to our problems.  The answers are found by examining the mirror and making the time to hold Federal, State, and local officials accountable.  Write, call, vote, send emails, participate in focus groups, run for office, attend town hall meetings, advertise, letters to the editor, or any other “civil” means of communication are incumbent upon Tea Party members.  The Tea Party work is not limited to these strains, because Progressives, Liberals, Socialists, Democrats, RINO’s and Republicans repeatedly attack it.  We are, despite claims by the Liberal (Obama) media composed of all races, skin tones, and political persuasions.

The Tea Party is attacked because Democrats already control Republicans and they recognize the Tea Partiers will not be controlled akin to the Patriots in the American Revolution.  The best mechanism liberals control is media and they use it to demonize everyone connected to the Tea Party

Ever heard the old saying:

“The happiest days of mankind are written on the blank pages of history?” Every history page of this new millennium is full … not blank.

John Samples in “Tea Partiers shouldn’t date the GOP” put it this way, “The quality that gives the Tea Party movement its legitimacy is that it is so fundamentally illegitimate: outside the establishment, bereft of representation on K Street, and without an identifiable face to speak for it on Meet the Press.”  Yet, the left attacks Sarah Palin unlike any other, yet she is not running for political office, simply because it believes she is the face of the Tea Party.

The face of the Tea Party, portrayed as white and privileged, at least it is by the socialist fear mongers who hurl accusations that it is racist.  The left simply play ostrich ignore the truth and hope someone anyone is convinced by their rhetoric.

Herman Cain, considered a viable candidate for President in 2012 and is  also a Tea Party member.  In response to the NAACP accusations that the Tea Party is racist, he offered this response:

“What!  My reaction to the idea of the NAACP declaring the citizen movement known as the Tea Party as racist is ridiculous.  I am Black. I have spoken at over twenty rallies and conferences.  I have talked directly with hundreds of tea party activists, and have received hundreds of calls from activists to my nightly radio show. Tea Party people are patriots, who want the federal government to stop the spending, stop the legislative abuse, stop the tax increases and start adhering to the Constitution.

It is unfortunate that a once relevant and impactful organization is looking for relevance in the wrong place, namely, race.  It should be about unity instead of divisiveness.

I have been called a sell-out, an Uncle Tom and shameless because I disagree with this President’s policies.  Those who are calling me those names have probably never been to a Tea Party event, and I doubt officials of the NAACP have attended an event either. Those that would like to join the name calling parade should save themselves some time.  In my grandfather’s vernacular, “I does not care!”

This President ran on a campaign of hope and change, but his change is not working … over 4 million Americans lost jobs in 2009, the unemployment rate has gone from 7.6% in January 2009 to 9.5% in June 2010, the unemployment rate for Black Americans is over 15% and not getting better, and the national debt has increased exponentially to over $13 trillion since January 2009.

Tea Party people are not racist…they are Patriotic Americans who want the greatest country in the world to remain the greatest, by exercising their right to make their voices heard.

“This isn’t about race. This is about results, and the results by this administration are missing in action.”  – Herman Cain

Another example is Stacy Swimp, Project 21 and Frederick Douglas Foundation member; here is a sample of his reply to media and left wing detractors:

“I’m more afraid of the liberals… I’m afraid of what they’re trying to do to my children.  I’m afraid of what they are trying to do to my nation.  I’m afraid of what they’ve already done to the churches…

Why would I tell a predominantly white audience my thoughts about the black community?  Many of my white brothers and sisters in the audiences I speak to have never had an opportunity to hear a black conservative speak.  Many have never heard anything other than liberal rhetoric from a black political speaker.

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been told by people in a tea party audience that what I say is “refreshing.”  The monolithic black political establishment and the media that follows them create the false perception that all blacks think alike.  That’s factually wrong, and isn’t perpetuating otherwise wrong at its core?  Besides, the liberals like to preach that it a good thing when people of different cultures are exposed to the diversity.

Black Americans who would dare to rise above the idea of a separate America, who refuse to play the victim card and who have transcended from “we shall overcome” to “we have overcome” are often frightened of being open about such views.  This hate and anger that enforces allegiance to a liberal ideology in the black community is far more menacing than any form of overt or covert white racism in the 21st century.”  – Stacy Swimp

“The Frederick Douglass Foundation is a public policy and educational organization, which brings the sanctity of free market and limited government ideas to bear on the hardest problems facing our nation. We are a collection of pro-active individuals committed to developing innovative and new approaches to today’s problems with the assistance of elected officials, scholars from universities and colleges,  and community activists.”  The website offers this quote from Frederick Douglass, “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”

Entrenched Republicans have questions about their political opposition, but when it originates from the people they are pledged to represent … it gets dicey.  Why?  Because they are clueless to the proper procedures on how to represent themselves, in light of the Tea Party challenge, and move forward.  Michael Steele, former Chairman of the GOP, can attest to this.  This is a foreign concept to Republicans, as they did not have a playbook or rules to address the Tea Party constituents.

They did not know how to message Republican beliefs without undermining their members, or how to neutralize opposition to “life” members and multi-term elected officials.  The Republican base, establishment, is not easily persuaded. Frankly, the concepts were foreign to Republicans.

Having lived in several states, I discovered that Republicans are pretty much the same everywhere.  It is clear that Republicans are clueless about everything except their own social echelon.  They are concerned of personal finances, and a single-minded approach to rediscover the fundamentals every campaign cycle.  Oh sure, the 90’s brought about the “Contract with America” in 1994 from Larry Hunter, Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, and John Boehner.  Recognize any names, sheer irony, or is it coincidence, how Republicans returned to the old playbook to present a new 2010 version of the contract.

I am not one who believes the Tea Party Movement, in and of its self, is the answer to all Republican shortfalls or traditionalist questions. It worries me that we Tea Party people are politically inexperienced and naïve to all of the political networks, but the learning curve is quickly improving thanks to millions of grassroots activists.  However, we are well intentioned: defending the Constitution and seeking limited government.  We believe in the values Republicans lip service.  We support the grievances enumerated in the Declaration of Independence aggrieving the people again and regard our mission as citizens with an obligation to speak aloud, respectful, and strong.

The future of our nation requires cooperative and rigid adherence to the principles established by our founding fathers.  This can only be achieved by unifying all Conservative political Parties, groups, factions, pundits, and creating an impenetrable grassroots network.  An extreme task, dizzying in comprehension, when considering the effort required to coalesce these groups and form a cohesive conservative political force.  The Tea Party, Libertarians, Constitution Party, America First Party, American Party, American Independent Party, America’s Independent Party, Boston Tea Party, Objectivist Party, Conservative Party USA, GOP and others; must unify and subsequently celebrate the “core beliefs” of conservatism and leverage the conservative brand to save America.

  • We NEED The Tea Party and its grass roots activists – YOU
  • We need CONSERVATIVES to demand BETTER results from Republicans.
  • We need YOU to take action to hold them Republicans accountable
  • We need you to Stand Up, ignore PC and have difficult conversations with your friends, neighbors, and family.
  • Ultimately reignites your personal duties as a citizen and get involved.
  • Democrats/Progressives do NOT have comfort zones, YOU can’t either!

Why?  If not for the emergence of the Tea Party, elevating awareness of critical labors and back door shenanigans by Progressives to create a socialist America and their incessant strife to ignore our Constitution.  We cannot afford another situation like the one created by Ross Perot.  In the 2008 Presidential campaign, three candidates diminished the potential number of conservative voters:  Chuck Baldwin; Alan Keyes; and Bob Barr.

It is imperative for conservatives to unite in common cause against the socialist agenda and spending madness.  Uncle Sam’s agony isn’t resolved simply by halting the Progressive eradication of our Constitution, but reversing the mutilation they have done.  He lacks confidence because of the realities expressed in the conservative political dilution chart; legislative compromise and Conservative political incompetence demonstrated by the GOP.  Hence, this mirrors why the GOP lost conservative support.

None-the-less, conservatives in general do not want to waste their vote on a third party candidate or spoiler; nor do they want to connect to a third party.  This conundrum has stymied conservatives; halted conservatism; and generally allowed the philosophical drift to reflect a centrist perspective.  Yes, this is true because RINO’s and Progressives exist in the GOP.

Ultimately, the unified group must embrace, employ, and exploit the Precinct Strategy.  It is very effective; ask Obama, he used it to win election.  Many of you may already participate in a similar group strategy at your church.  Medium to Mega-sized congregations discovered it as an effective means to personalize it, while maintaining the small groups feel resembling those at smaller churches.

Many politically active Americans lost interest in the local precinct or its strategy long ago.  It’s perceived value and effectiveness viewed for low-level political office without merit and without power for other campaigns.  Not to mention our busy lives; change in our news sources; longer commutes; and working longer hours at work.  Meanwhile the liberals continued their assault and evolution of America.

The call for American patriots to rest trivial squabbles and unite in this “tangible strategy” is imperative.  Conservatives must get behind the common cause of freedom and liberty.  The Tea Party has energized many sideline conservatives to find and use personal time, energy and resources to stand up for the United States of America, Constitution and the founding principles and values.  This is why the “Tea Party” represents a state of mind than a political party.  Yet, this fact historically reflects how many political parties were born.

Many have attended rallies; town hall meetings; written letters to elected officials; and began small groups.  A few, but not enough, in Washington are listening or reacting to the emergent voice of peaceful dissent.  Their refusal to listen ignited a firestorm and it is growing.  The precinct strategy is the perfect means to capture and capitalize the grassroots energy.

The Tea Party movement built a powerful army of informed and motivated citizens to fight and save this nation from the national socialists and global Marxists determined to destroy our nation.  All three branches of the federal government are severely compromised and unacceptable.  Nevertheless, it is not enough…conservatives must unite with a single voice, celebrate the 90% we agree upon…regardless of petty differences.

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”  – Vince Lombardi

Homework:  The Precinct Strategy & The Frederick Douglas Foundation.


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