Whether you are a “Newbie” or more adept in economics, the “econ” profession is known to employ the boring and bland.  The 50 and 60’s saw the rise of professors & radicals in the profession whose variation of economics support social policy over sound fiscal policy.  A social policy which demands public dependency on government to live, otherwise known as:  Entitlements.  The problem?  The “left” condoned this philosophy and publicly criminalized anyone believing otherwise.  The result?  The number of lazy “government owes me” types exploded; Federal Deficits exploded; the public was gradually “brain-washed” to “tolerate” budgetary incompetence just as Pavlov conditioned his dog; and the ordinary citizen adopted the progressive bias under the guise of “Keynes” otherwise known as Keynesian’s who purport emotional & irrational logic to justify “Arbitrary economics to eliminate or modify the free market.

Typical mantra/first person/emotional Bull S*** from the Keynesian/Progressives destroying America:

1.  Economic Reasoning:  value of humans, social justice, welfare which attempt to implicate and insinuate ethical and moral value packed with “Economic ASSumptions”.

2.  Entitlements are required for a productive America.  Healthcare, education, transportation, welfare, job training, college, housing.. AND ON AND ON AND ….

3.  Government is the “only” means to promote decency, efficiency,equality, equity, growth, productivity, and human well-being

4.  The rich take advantage of the poor; the rich don’t need money; the rich should pay more; the rich don’t care; the rich keep the poor down and from achieving.


*  The democrats/progressives are rich; their income and life style is not changed by Keynesian economics/entitlements; want to be the ruling class.

*  There are ZERO laws of economic social behavior… it is merely social philosophical theory targeted to “Pavlov” American tolerance of rabid economic choices.

*  Who the hell are these people to say one person needs this or that while saying YOU do not need this or that.

*  The Government is NOT responsible for you… YOU are responsible for yourself.

*  Millions of Americans got rich due to capitalism / Free Market.  All races, creeds, denominations, stature and socio-economic status.

* The United States of America is a “Republic” NOT a Democracy.  The USA is designed as a FREE nation NOT a socialist nation.


Questions:  Where does a business (large or small) acquire revenue (money)?  The person buying their product.  Where does a business get its income?  Sales to the public at large.  Does a business magically acquire money from a “Gene’s Bottle”?  No…YOU the consumer gives money to the business. If a business provides a service or product, then another business or person must purchase what they offer, yet is anyone forced to buy or use what that business offers? I have never seen anyone with a gun to their head at McDonald’s, Chevy Dealer, Quik Trip Store, JC Penny’s, Macy’s, or Apple Bee’s.  If you buy an apple or car or house or tanning session or gasoline or tool or … who sends the business making the product?  The business selling it.  Do you realize the American citizen, rich or poor, is not faced with double jeopardy taxation… but more than “Quad-druple” taxation jeopardy?  Sales Tax is not for business, it is for governments.

THE MONEY YOU SPEND GIVES BUSINESS MONEY.  IF YOU, DEMOCRATS, OR REPUBLICANS RAISE TAXES ON BUSINESS WHAT HAPPENS?  PRICES RISE!!!  YOU pay more from your pocket for business to send it to the government.  It doesn’t matter whether you make $55k or $845K … YOU foot the bill.

Hmmm, why do you not ask Government to increase your taxes?  Would you feel better if your paycheck declined 10-30%?  Ah, how could you live with less money?!

Democratic & Hollywood Hypocrisy:  NOT ONE has given 1/2 their money away to help those they claim to support.  Why not?  Wouldn’t a sitting US Senator or Congressman know how to distribute the money?  Peculiar when they purport to know appropriate methods for your tax dollar.

Simple view of economic theory today:  Two  philosophies dominate America:  capitalism (trickle down) VS. Big government, social and emotional cry baby (bottom up) theory.

Bottom up = giving certain Americans entitlements to live simply because they exist.  FUNNY this requires  money, tons of it, and exploding to heightened levels daily.  Problem…the gig is up, America now owes more money (debt) that it produces.  It is impossible to continue this INSANITY!

Throughout history capitalism has always been wrongly blamed for exploiting labor and creating lower standards of living as an accepted way of doing business.

Ah yes, America the land of hope sought by millions of immigrants.  Seeking freedom from oppression, drought, famine, socialism, dictatorship, and opportunity.   They depended on capitalism and became business owners and laborers.  Seeking the American dream because fear of socialism and communism confiscating their assets.  Neither political system has ever possessed a glimmer of hope.

Uncle Sam was Crying... Now he's out to change Washington.

The government is not responsible for you; you are responsible for “yourself.” “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”…

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The government is not responsible for you; you are responsible for “yourself.” “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”…

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