Can you name a government program or agency that is effective?  Efficient?  Not over-budget?  Post Office, no: Amtrak, no; Education (laugh out loud), no.  EPA, no.  Not one is identifiable.  Why do government employees earn, on average, more than the average family income per household?  So the majority of American taxpayers earn less than the people who pay their salary.  Another irony, of what is known as Federal Government.

“If duties are too high, they lessen the consumption; the collection is eluded; and the product to the treasury is not so great as when they are confined within proper and moderate bounds.  This forms a complete barrier against any material oppression of the citizens by taxes of this class, and is itself a natural limitation of the power imposing them.”  – Federalist 21

We’re expected to live within our means, but not our local, state, or Federal Governments.  Oh, lest I forget Nancy Pelosi’s infamous quote (which Chuck Gardner would call a “real humdinger”), “We need to pass the bill (Healthcare) so we can know what is in it.”  Good grief, enough is enough.

Why have we Americans accepted this mentality, attitude, and conduct in Washington?  If you or I acted in the same manner as politicians we would be in jail; earning millions in speaking fees; fired from our jobs; or censured like Charles Rangel.  When Woodrow Wilson’s administration mainstreamed “progressivism”, the erosion of our society, faith, education, finance, exploded exponentially.  I could write pages on the inept methods in Washington.  Do your homework.  Compare the rise and fall of the US to the Roman Empire.  Recently, I watched the new Wall Street movie.  In it was a piece of art owned by Gordon Gecko of the Holland Bulb Bubble.

All kinds of revolts can arise out of grievances.  But, repression and exploitation cannot themselves generate a far-reaching rejection of the political and religious foundations of a society.  For that to happen there must be a preparatory period of polarization of attitudes, ideologies, and constitutional views lasting decades.  My friends, we are on the precipice of history repeating itself.

Have you heard the name Matthew Lesko?  You might have seen one of his commercials or infomercials.  He is the crazy man wearing a green suit decorated in white dollar signs.  He sold many books and one of note was, “Free Money to pay your Bills.”  Now that is dripping with irony.  Buy the book, apply for government money, well your money, and see if you can get government money free.  Of course, the programs offer free money, but in the end, you will still be paying for it.

All governments produce nothing (well okay license plates and debt) they inherently burden nations and erect walls to progress.  We need to get government out of the way!

As Thomas Jefferson said, “I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our Constitution.  I would be willing to depend on that alone for the reduction of the administration of our government to the genuine principals of its constitution; I mean taking an article from the Federal Government the power of borrowing.”  I do too.

The United States is broke and recently surpassed $14 Trillion in debt.  This number is absent the unfunded liabilities of other programs like Social Security.  Wait, we are broke, yet find the money to bail out corporations.  Shall the States of California, New York, or Illinois, be treated differently?  Everyone knows history should be our guide to avoid the mistakes of the past.  Hmmm, many internet pundits compare and contrast the Roman Empire to America.  In my analysis, they are correct.

“The fate of our country is inseparable from the fate of its currency.” -Freidman

Plainly … the connection to our debt; Federal Reserve printing money; and Government income have created a ticking time “bomb”.  Here is a bit of trivia for you, In United States history, “TWO” government programs have been abolished: The government stopped making rum on the Virgin Islands, and we stopped breeding horses for the cavalry.  Consider Alan Greenspan’s comment in 2010, “The Federal government is currently saddled with commitment for the next three decades that it will be unable to meet in real terms.”

I mentioned this before and Ronald Reagan characterizes in his usual down to
earth style, “To win this battle against Big Government, we must communicate with
each other.  We must support the doctor in his fight against socialized medicine, the oil
industry in its fight against crippling controls and repressive taxes, and the farmer, who
hurts more than most because of government harassment and rule changing in the middle of the game.  All of these issues concern each one of us, regardless of what our trade or profession may be.”


How many existed in 1900?

Building Permit Tax

Capital Gains Tax

Gift Tax

Liquor Tax

Consumption Tax

State Income Tax

Income Tax

Windfall Profits Tax

Medicare Tax

Retail Sales Tax

Inheritance Tax

Municipal Tax

Tobacco Tax

Transfer Tax

Road Usage Tax

Property Tax

Gas Guzzler Tax

Recreational Vehicle Tax

Employer Health Tax

Expatriation Tax

Well Permit Tax

Gas Tax

Social Security Tax

Federal Unemployment Tax

Bank Tax

Payroll Tax

Fuel Permit Tax

CDL License Tax

Utility Tax

Luxury Tax

Dog License Tax

Trailer Registration Tax

Hunting License Tax

Cigarette Tax

Septic Permit Tax

Vehicle Registration Tax

Inventory Tax

Severance Tax

Ad Valorem Tax

Hospitality Tax

Service Tax

Accumulated Earnings Tax

Sales Tax

Marriage License Tax

Coal Severance Tax

Alternative Minimum Tax

Telephone Usage Tax

Hospital Facility Tax

Court Fines

Communications Tax

Inventory Tax

Liquor License Tax

Accounts Receivable Tax

Mining Tax

Lodging Tax

Aviation Fuel Tax

Public Utility Tax

Proxy Tax

Consumer Counsel Tax

Kiddie Tax

TDD Telecomm Tax

Electrical Energy Tax

Workers Comp Tax

Toll Bridge Tax

Parking Meter Tax

Driver’s License Tax

Toll Road Tax

Resort Tax

Tonnage Tax

Toll Tunnel Tax

Proxy Tax

Telephone Excise Tax

Good Investment for the United States Government? 

  • Social Security – Your Monthly Payment of 6.2% of income
  • Medicare – Your monthly payment of 1.45% of income
  • 2009 Median Household Income = $49,777.00
  • Doing the math …You pay $ 3,086.00 Social Security & $ 721.77 for Medicare
  • Employers are required to match the S.S. and Medicare tax so the Federal Government receives $6,172 for S.S. and $1,443.54 or $74,064 and $17,322 per year respectively
  1.  Earn $15,000 annually and you pay $86,000 in payroll taxes for 46 years of work.  At Retirement, the annual benefit is $10,008 or 11.7% of lifetime payroll tax.
  2. Earn $50,000 annually and you pay $285,000 in payroll taxes for 46 years of work.  At Retirement, the annual benefit is $21,204 or 7.4% of lifetime payroll tax.
  3. Earn $105,000 annually and you pay $599,000 in payroll taxes for 46 years of work.

At retirement, annual benefit is $30,168 or 5.0% of lifetime payroll taxes

The Avg.  person in 2010 received SS payments of $13,968/yr Couple = $22,704.  Beginning in 2015 the Social Security Fund will begin distributing more than it collects.  Why?  More citizens will be retired and receiving payments than paying into the system.

Perhaps evaluating the waste of Federal Government Subsidy programs can provide you another perspective.  The Cato Institute in October 2006 noted that in 1970:  1,019 Federal subsidy programs and in 2006:  1,696, Federal subsidy programs existed.  For example, Healthy Marriage cost $150 million; Safety Belt performance grants cost $124 Million; Incentive fund to raise teachers’ pay – $99 million; Prisoner re-entry job search $21 Million; from 2001 to 2006 we spent $1.3 Billion for American farmers to plant nothing; and in 2005 $4.8 Billion because corn crop yields were low.

CATO released an update of the Federal Subsidy Programs in 2010…The Obama Administration increased Federal subsidies … it now stands at 2001!

subsidy 1subsidy 2

Energy subsidies in 2007 were costly to the taxpayer… $854 million for coal, $1.267 Billion for Nuclear, refined coal was $2.156 Billion; but Renewable Energy received the largest share…$4.875 Billion.  Ah, lest I fail to mention the big evil Oil subsidies clamored by the left as evil and costly to Americans because the profit realized by “Big Oil” is outrageous!  Sure, it is a no-brainer to demonize the firms when gas prices exceed $4 a gallon; however, the profit per dollar spent is not disproportionate to any other business in America.  Liberals, strain to identify accurately what is a subsidy and disregards the government does more to impair oil production than assist it.  The oil industry has a marginal tax rate at 41 percent yet the rest of businesses in Standard & Poor’s 500 …26 percent.

A current marketing campaign entitled “Boldly Go” for the Social Security Administration via print and video wastes millions of  Taxpayer dollars on Patty Duke and George Takai, I am sure they didn’t do it for free, after all this is a capitalist system.  Wow, check it out…I am sure you will feel better and more confidant in S.S. once you view the material.

Are you nauseous yet?  No?  Perhaps examination of the T.A.A. Federal Program will do the trick.  It provides a conduit for employment growth and opportunity to help American employees who lost their jobs due to foreign trade.  The perks are:  Up to 130 weeks of cash payments for workers enrolled in full-time training or Up to 156 weeks of cash payments if the worker is also enrolled in remedial or prerequisite training.  Job search allowance covering 100% up to $1500; 100% of relocation costs and a lump sum up to $1500 …costs taxpayers $2.075 Billion in 2010.



  • The Curses of Entitlement – Roger Fritz
  • Freedom at Risk:  Reflections on Politics, Liberty, and the State – James L. Buckley
  • The Waste Land – T.S. Elliot


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