Woodrow Wilson:  In 1913, the United States government was controlled by politicians, not people. This is the year politicians announced the 16th Amendment (income tax) ratification.  Wilson said, “Government is not a machine, but a living thing.  It falls, not under the theory of the universe, but under the theory of organic life.  It is accountable to Darwin, not Newton.  It is modified by its environment, necessitated by its tasks, and shaped by its functions.  Living political constitutions must be Darwinian in structure and in practice.  Progressive’s ask us to interpret the Constitution according to the Darwinian principle.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano quips, “Progressives believe that somehow, from somewhere, from some source other than the Constitution…so they use the power of government to steal from those that have, to give to those who have not.”  This belief is absurd, yet vital to understanding the Progressive mentality.  The prime goal is to expand Federal Government beyond Constitutional authority; expand government to the point of collapse; and ultimately redesign the system.  This approach could not accomplish immediate results; as the consequence would be parallel to the prohibition experiment, with more cataclysmic results:  Socialism.

Yikes!  For me I love these quote from Henry Ford, “Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice.”  …“Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.”  No warmth comes from a Government Gone Wild.

George Soros is an unabashed financier of left wing causes and is known as “the man who broke the bank of England” after earning $1 billion from the pound devaluation.  Soros participates on many Boards; however, the primary focus of his energy is via the “Open Society Institute” or “OSI”.  This international group was instrumental in revolutions of four nations and has active branches of OSI are in 60 countries.  More importantly, his active efforts in the United States concentrate on designs to heighten and bolster “socialist” groups operating in the U.S.

The OSI, Move On dot org, America coming Together, Democracy Alliance, Center for American Progress, and Media matters are key recipients of Soros money.  For the period of the 2008 Presidential election, donations to more than 620 groups who labored with a single cause…to defeat George Bush.  Soros once quipped, “It is sort of a disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.”

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States”  – George Soros

His skewed values and beliefs, emulate a sociopath with a lack of conscious that despises Capitalism and enjoys social reengineering.  People have been cautioning us.  Two years ago Bill O’Reilly said, “Soros [is] an extremist who wants open borders, a one-world foreign policy, legalized drugs, euthanasia, and on and on. This is off-the-chart dangerous….”  George Soros is also a frequent target of Glenn Beck, because Soros leads a “shadow government”.  Yet, the most important whistle blower, beyond Glenn Beck’s weekly factoids, is David Horowitz and Richard Poe.  Their book, “The Shadow Party” reveals the details of how Soros seized the Democratic Party, and now owns it lock, stock, and barrel.

Unbelievable…right?  Wrong.  Consider alleged Republican (who is a RINO) John McCain.  During the Democrat & Republican conventions in 2000, Soros held shadow party conventions in the same cities, guess who was the keynote speaker at the “Soros Convention” … John McCain.

Richard Poe wrote, “Soros’ private philanthropy, totaling nearly $5 billion, continues undermining America’s traditional Western values. His giving has provided funding of abortion rights, atheism, drug legalization, sex education, euthanasia, feminism, gun control, globalization, mass immigration, gay marriage and other radical experiments in social engineering.”

Do you remember or have you read the “Left Behind Series?”  A single world currency and government will transpire.  The United Nations completed the first step; when it created the IMF or International Monetary Fund.

George Soros wants a single international currency.  The UN began the Bretton Wood Conference in 1944.  Soros wants a third conference and said, “A new Bretton Woods conference, like the one that established the international financial architecture after World War II, is needed to establish new international rules, including treatment of financial institutions considered too big to fail and the role of capital controls. It would also have to reconstitute the International Monetary Fund to reflect better the prevailing pecking order among states and to revise its methods of operation.

In addition, a new Bretton Woods would have to reform the currency system.  The postwar order, which made the U.S. more equal than others, produced dangerous imbalances. The dollar no longer enjoys the trust and confidence that it once did, yet no other currency can take its place.”

Who are the speakers and participants, do you really need me to tell you?

  • Jean –Paul Fitoussi – Professor of Economics, Institute d’Etudes Politiques de Paris.
  • Harold James -Professor of History, Princeton University
  • Ken Rogoff- Professor of Economics, Harvard University
  • George Soros – Chairman, Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations
  • Paul Davidson – Co-Founder,  Journal of Post Keynesian Economics.
  • Barry Eichengreen – Professor of Economics and Political Science , Univ of CA Berkeley
  • Robert Skidelsky – Emeritus Professor of Political Economy, The University of Warwick.
  • Leanne Ussher – Assistant Professor of Economics, The City University of New York
  • Richard Bronk – London School of Economics
  • Felix Martin – Thames River Capital
  • Daniel Neilson – Bard College
  • Joyce Jacobsen – Wesleyan University
  • Kevin Hoover – Duke University
  • Paul Volker – Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve
  • Larry Summers – Chief Economist of the World Bank

“What can be done to prevent global imbalances? Complete overhaul of the system is not going to happen. But major improvements are possible that would ameliorate the imbalances problem and enable an evolutionary development of the world monetary system in a desirable long-term direction….The reforms above should be accompanied by setting up a “substitution account”, lodged in the IMF, to enable countries to convert their reserve holdings into SDRs that are by their nature more stable in value than any single reserve currency” – Skidelsky

As noted by Paul Davidson at the Bretton Wood Conference…“The eight provisions of the international clearing system suggested …meet the following (four) criteria. The rules of the proposed system are designed:

  1. To prevent a lack of global effective demand14 due to a liquidity problem arising whenever any nation(s) accumulate excessive idle reserves.
  2. To provide an automatic mechanism for placing a major burden of correcting international payments imbalances on the surplus nations,
  3. To provide each nation with the ability to monitor and, if desired, to control movements of flight capital, tax evasion money movements, earnings from illegal activities, and even funds that finance terrorist operations.
  4. To expand the quantity of the liquid asset used in settling international contracts (the asset of ultimate redemption) as global capacity warrants while protecting the purchasing power of this asset.”

Barry Eichengreen reflected at the conference, “But in 1914 the United States established a central bank, the Federal Reserve System, and that central bank took steps to develop the market in trade credits.  It discounted and “re-poed” the securitized trade credits known as trade acceptances.  It allowed U.S. banks to branch abroad where they could originate international financial business.  And in just ten years, by 1924, more trade finance was obtained in New York than in London and denominated in dollars than in pounds. The dollar had also become the leading reserve currency.  U.S. history thus suggests that the transition can occur quickly if policy makers are committed to providing the relevant institutional support.

This is what we are now seeing.  In the last year, the Chinese authorities have begun to actively promote the internationalization of their currency.  The share of bank deposits in Hong Kong denominated in renminbi has quadrupled.  More than 70,000 Chinese companies are now doing their cross border trade settlement in renminbi, compared to virtually zero a year ago.  At last count 43 companies, following McDonald’s, have issued “dim sum” bonds denominated in China’s currency.  Just last month the Chinese government authorized the state-sponsored Bank of China to offer renminbi-denominated deposit accounts in New York.  I’ve opened one via the internet. Have you?”  …“For all these reasons, a global monetary and financial system organized around multiple international currencies is coming.”

Okay… so what does this mean?  As NYU Professor Leanne Ussher puts it, “Central to John Maynard Keynes (1941) original Bretton Woods’s proposal was an international Clearing union that would issue a new currency by fiat called ‘bancor’.  Among other functions, this international central bank would finance the stabilization of individual commodity prices through commodity buffer stocks.  Benjamin Graham’s (1944) proposal to Bretton Woods was to also create a new international currency, different from gold or a key currency, but this new currency would be fully backed by a different basket of raw materials.  This commodity would not only serve in International payment and settlement between central banks, but could be used privately and issued privately through the production of commodities.”

Why are commodities a big deal to the international community?  Well…Leanne Ussher continues, “Trading in non-fuel commodities account for 14 Percent of global trade and fuel another 7 percent; combined, they account for more than one-fifth of global trade.  Raw materials are 40% of Latin American exports.  Of developing countries, 95 out of 141 depend on commodities for more than half of their export earnings.  For 70 of these such revenues were generated by only three commodities (Fréchette 2003).  Even though commodities constitute a declining share of economic activity, our demand for them will continue to grow in absolute terms.”

Next George Soros, as if to outdo himself, supported the NMCR Conference.  The presenters are a list of “Who’s – Who” in Progressive/Liberal assault on the Constitution:  Erin Gibson; Kim Gandy; Malkia Syril; Nancy Pelosi; Michael Copps (FCC); Mignon Clyburn (FCC); James Rucker; Lawrence Strickling; Sharif Abdel Kouddous; Lisa Bennett; Andy Carvin;  and too many others to list.

Several themes for the conference…real issues vs. Astroturf-confronting-Koch-brothers; Tapping transformational power of networks; a live broadcast by Democracy Now; What’s next for Net Neutrality; How to fix the broken FCC; plus many others…yet, what caught my eye, was a film titled, “Billionaires’ Tea Party: How Corporate America is Faking a Grassroots Revolution.”  The claim is that, “it offers a terrifying look at how corporate elites are exploiting the anxieties of ordinary Americans – capitalizing on anger, resentment, and paranoia to advance a narrow, often anti-democratic, agenda.”  – Taki Oldham.  What is the Soros connection?  The Allied Media Conference receives support from Soros’ OSI organization / Media Democracy Fund.

The words of George Soros are in play and influence the progressive liberal political agenda in America.  Mr. Soros said, “I think we need a large stimulus package which will provide funds for state and local government to maintain their budgets, because they are not allowed by the constitution to run a deficit.  For such programs to be successful, the Federal Government would need to provide hundreds of billions of dollars, in addition, another infrastructure program is necessary.  In fact, the cost would be in the $300-600 billion range.”

The Apollo Alliance wrote the Stimulus package legislation; George Soros funds The Tides Foundation, which …created the Apollo Alliance.

Here is another example, Mr. Soros said, “I think this is a great time to finally deal with global warming and energy dependence.  The United States needs a Cap and Trade system with auctioning of licenses for emissions’ rights.  I would use these auctions to launch a new environmentally friendly energy policy that would be yet another Federal Program that could help us overcome the current stagnation.”

By coincidence, the House of Representative initiated, introduced and approved The Cap and Trade bill; however, it stalled in the U.S. Senate.  In 2004, Hillary Clinton spoke of George Soros saying, “We need people like George Soros.”  The left is in tight with George and marching to the beat of his drum.  A man who unabashedly says he wants to change the rules off the game and the Democrats are playing.

Van Jones is not bashful about sharing the Progressive plan to conquer and fundamentally transform the United States through Top Down; bottom up; and inside out.  This reflects the Progressive revolution to alter the Constitution.  Cloward and Piven’s comments in The Nation magazine 1966 more specifically address this global concept.  They state, “The ultimate objective of this strategy—to wipe out poverty by establishing a guaranteed annual income—will be questioned by some.  Because the ideal of individual social and economic mobility has deep roots, even activists seem reluctant to call for national programs to eliminate poverty by the outright redistribution of income.”

The C & P strategy call for establishing a guaranteed national income.  Then have people in power to implement the strategy.  Next, create and exploit the alleged problems.  This will overwhelm the financial system and collapse it.  Riots by those who now believe they are “entitled” to freebies, will riot in the streets.  The people will cry out for a solution and the people in power who implemented the strategy will provide a solution…Socialism.

Mobilizing the jobless?  Before people can mobilize for collective activism, they have to develop a proud and angry identity.  It is no coincidence much of Obama’s Omnibus and Stimulus monies are not spent.  The money is waiting to facilitate the Cloward and Piven’s strategy.

Van Jones is a catalyst to mobilize; energize; and voraciously calls on people to urge government to “give them the wealth”, and his intent, “We’re going to change the whole system, we’re going to change the whole thing…we want a new system.”  Make no doubt about this former Obama appointee…he is planting seeds while the liberal media waters the seeds.

Imagine a single situation, which potentially feeds the socialist labor efforts … one bad American Economy.  Obama knew who van Jones was and what he represented…it was no mistake.

The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”  – Norman Thomas US Socialist Presidential candidate

Bill Ayers, a Progressive, seeks to destroy Capitalism and institute Socialism.  Bill and his wife founded “Weather Underground” which was a homegrown terrorist group, a Communist-driven splinter faction of Students for a Democratic Society.  In their own publication: Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism, he says, “We have an urgent responsibility to destroy imperialism from within, in order to free the world and ourselves from its grasp.”  Mr. Ayers also quipped, “Kill all the rich people…Bring the revolution home.  Kill your parents.”  Is her repentant now?  No.  All told, Ayers and Weatherman were responsible for 30 bombings aimed at destroying the security infrastructures of the United States, Ayers said, “I don’t regret setting bombs, I feel we didn’t do enough.”

The title of Ayers book mirrors a Mao Tse Tung writing in January 1930 where he noted a single spark can start a prairie fire.  The problem for America: Mr. Ayers is still hanging around and his company includes Barrack Obama.  In Chicago, Ayers co-founded Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), an educational reform group.  Ayers named Obama as the group’s first Chairman.  No problem, right?  WRONG.  Ayers, whose stated educational objective is to “teach against oppression” as embodied in “America’s history of evil and racism, thereby forcing social transformation.”  Not exactly what I would categorize as a positive influence for our children and definitely a problem for America’s future.  CAC documents reflect it granted money to socialist causes.  One was Association of Community Organizations for Reform (ACORN).  We all know ACORN worked for Obama’s presidential campaign.  Ayer is still at it, he serves as a Board Member of the Miranda International Center.  It’s a Venezuelan government think tank committed to get Cuba-style education in Venezuelan schools.

Let this additional comment from Mr. Ayers conclude his section, “The masses will fight for socialism when they understand that reform fights, fights for improvement of material condition cannot be won under imperialism.”  This philosophy and mentality is directly counter-productive to our Constitution.

Whatever happened to Bill’s friend Jeff Jones, also of Weatherman fame?  He is a member of M.D.S. and the Apollo Alliance, the group helped write Obama’s Stimulus Package.

Patrick Henry said, “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?  Forbid it, Almighty God!  I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!” 

Considering ObamaCare and the death panels, it may come true.


  • Learn about the Bretton Woods Conferences
  • Learn about the National Conference for Media Reform


  • The coming economic Armageddon – Dr. David Jeremiah
  • The Shadow Party – Horowitz and Poe
  • Arguing with Idiots – Glenn Beck


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