There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of books available to help someone understand conservatism.  Every pundit, talk show host, comedian, politician and Washington insider has grabbed a laptop and case of Pinot Noir in hopes of leveraging their expertise, experience or access into that 7-figure book deal.  So why, in this world awash with the opinions of the mighty would you take time to read the thoughts of “just another guy?”

I questioned my friend on why he wanted to write this. I told him it was “ambitious”, which in the self-righteous dementia known as “Tyland,” is code for superfluous, egotistical, and impractical.  So when asked a second time by the author to pen an introduction, I took a long pause to consider what value I could give to his considerable investment of time and thought.  I came up with very little, except maybe truth…my truth.  So before Jon lays out the massive conservative buffet, allow me to set the table.

There was a time not that long ago when I couldn’t get enough political news.  I absorbed it all, in print, television and radio.  I was a junkie, and my fix came in the form of Limbaugh and Severin, Miller and Maher, Hardball and O’Reilly, Gingrich, Clinton, the New York and Washington Times, just to name a few.  The high was beautiful.  But after years of addiction, I’m recovering.

So here it is, with clear eyes…my truth about contemporary American politics, and beyond.

If you’re a 9/11 “Truther”, you’re a liar and an idiot.  Your real agenda is anti-war, anti-Right, and anti-America.  You proclaim to seek the truth and governmental transparency, when what you really want is attention and someone to humor your sophomoric fantasies.  Our government did not blow up the World Trade Center!  If today, after all that we know you still believe they did, then you should walk (please do not drive) yourself to the nearest behavioral health center and do a voluntary intake.  We’re not proud of this, but you need to know all the same…we laugh at you.  Maybe you don’t care, but I know it shames my parents because they taught me not to laugh at retarded children.  Hey, story time is over.  Now go to sleep and dream of tiny green aliens, the grassy knoll and unicorns.

When unions first formed, they were needed.  By banding together, employees were able to protect themselves from corporate exploitation.  Today, they are about greed.  America has priced itself out of the competitive marketplace globally by capitulating to union demands.  The National Education Association, the largest labor union in the country represents teachers, secretaries and support personnel in their quest, not for the betterment of students but for higher salaries, benefits, and pensions.  And before you go defending teachers please remember, a significant amount of the aforementioned “Truthers” received public education.  School’s out.

Does racism still exist?  I’m sure it does, or at the least, prejudices remain. But institutional racism…the kind that has been so hard-fought to eliminate, is mostly dead. Step back…there is a black man in the White House. For everyone but maybe the Truthers, this is a strong inference that America is coming to terms with its racial history. So while we’re eulogizing, let’s dirt nap a few more examples of conversational excrement.  If I don’t like Barack Obama (and I don’t) or disagree with his politics, it just might be because I see him for the fraud he is, not because I hate black people.  The same goes for Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Reverend Wright, Van Jones, Al Sharpton and O.J. (I’m a sports fan).  And before you say the obvious, let me state I have a list proportionally larger of white people I dislike equally or more.  I’m still working up my list on Latinos and Asians.

The point is I can find so much more than mere skin color as a basis for disliking somebody.  The cry of racism is in most cases just intellectually lazy and used by the race-baiting hoards for money and power.  It’s sinister.  When someone speaks out on inner city poverty, on illegitimacy, or on the crime rate, unemployment and the welfare state, the Left marches out their most available black mouthpiece to call foul and brand that person a racist.

It’s an attempt to derail any real debate or reforms that might actually improve the conditions of minorities and in so doing, jeopardize the allegiance of this captive constituency.  The plantations of the south that shackled blacks for hundreds of years have been replaced by modern day so-called advocacy groups, and while chains and whips have long since been abandoned, make no mistake…the effect upon blacks brought about by the cottage industry of racist-branding is still debilitating.  It’s pretty simple, and all apologies to Johnny Cochran; if the label don’t fit, stop talkin’ ****!

On a related matter, I have no problem being inconvenienced at an airport security line in exchange for not having my airplane flown into a building.  And believe me, my tolerance for this isn’t a reflection of my regard for the people in the building. That said, why don’t we “profile” at airport security?  Is our adherence to the ideal of civil liberties so entrenched that we can’t even practice the obvious in defense of human life?  Let’s not forget, members of an identifiable, fanatical sect hijacked 4 airplanes, broke stuff and killed people.

Profiling isn’t evil…we all do it.  Say your 16-year-old daughter tells you that she’s been asked out by three boys for Friday night and is trying to decide whom to go out with.  One boy is the valedictorian; another is the starting quarterback and the last dropped out of school and does nipple piercing at Hepatitis Ink and Pawn.  Is it the liberal’s contention that all three boys deserve the same parental scrutiny?  Not in my crib.  Profiling doesn’t necessarily mean restriction or discrimination.  It implies a higher level of diligence, and like other forms of government intrusion is an acceptable inconvenience in a world redefined by terrorism.

It is the job – a fundamental responsibility – of our federal government to protect our borders from illegal entry.  Governmental handling of the border with Mexico is so ridiculous it leaves me speechless…almost.  Try a 50’ wall, an additional 10’ of twisted razor wire, 25 yards of anti-personnel mines, a 10’ tall electrical fence and the next mile outward of military facility used to train pilots on bombing runs.  Hey Mexico…you feeling froggy?  And….BOOM goes the dynamite!

I could go on and on….but that’s what the book is here to do. Something has to be done about Washington, our schools, about political correctness, extreme environmentalism, the liberal media elite, Obama’s lurch toward socialism, and of course…Ron Popeil.  Look…the blue print is there, we just have to follow it.  Let’s first admit our mistakes.  It’s a mistake to believe that health care is a right under your government.  Health care is a commodity, a consumable.  Is our current model perfect?  No…and far from it.  But mark my words…if the Supreme Court doesn’t strike down Obamacare, it won’t take long before you miss that imperfect old system.

See, the question isn’t whether or not the government can solve certain ills and injustices, it’s do they have the scope and authority to even try?  Limited government means that we provide resources and empower government in very selective ways to carry out services, which a collective cannot do on its own. National defense, infrastructure, a legislative and judicial framework are the core tenets.  The government doesn’t solve problems…it can barely identify them.  I see the role of government like that of a football referee.  They are there to protect and see that the rules are followed… giving folks a level playing field on which to compete.  They shouldn’t be involved in what plays are called, who gets in the game, and for damn sure they’re role as an enforcement body should never intrude to the point where outcomes are decided.

Read this book and arm yourself with the truth.  As much as it pains me to say it, for every good person currently serving in a leadership position within our government or writing for  an entity capable of shaping public opinion, there are five morons sitting right next to them trying desperately to dumb-down smartie pants in hopes of boosting their own self-esteem.

We’re hurting folks.  I’m declaring this country on double-secret probation, effective immediately.  Somewhere along the way we gave the fraternity over to the nerds because the cool guys were too busy – well, being cool – to step up and run the house.  Now, you have Marmalard running MSNBC, Niedermeyer running the Senate and Stork in the White House!  The global community is ready to pull our charter and we’re running out of time to right the course.

The neo-fascist progressives in their seemingly infinite stupidity believe that by invoking the names of Bush, Gingrich, and Reagan people will again reject conservatives and keep the dreams of a bunch of radical losers alive.  I hope in the years to come, and through the efforts of ordinary men like this author, people become wise to what’s going on around them and summarily spank these mental midgets back to their Ivy League schools and utopian think tanks.  I wish also that Right-minded individuals began to demand and expect more from their leadership.

As for the likes of men such as Reagan, Gingrich and Bush, I have but one thing to say; “thank you sir may I have another?”

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The government is not responsible for you; you are responsible for “yourself.” “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”…

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