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In his 2009 Cairo speech(part of his apologizing for American arrogance tour), Obama referenced “The Story of Isra”; something that Muslims, and Muslims only believe in. Obama said “As in the story of Isra, when Mohammed met with Jesus…..”.  Obama referenced this story as if it were historical fact, something only a Muslim could do.

The story of Isra is what began the CULT of Islam. It is the most popular fable tale told to Muslim children. It tells how the Prophet Mohammed was visited by the Angel Gabriel “in a dream” and given a tour of heaven, where he met with past men of God including Jesus(whom Muslims recognize as a prophet of God, but not the son of of God). Mohammed awoke from “this dream” and told all who would listen about it. He convinced some that he was God’s chosen and that he now held all the answers on how man was to live.  Remember, Jesus was was one of the ones Mohammed met with during this “magical tour of heaven”. That’s because Jesus lived and died more than 600 years before Mohammed was ever born, therefore it was impossible for the two to have ever met in the flesh.

Mohammed grew up reading the Holy Bible? He was 40 years old before he had this “dream” he told people of. Christianity was the religion of the land at that time and we were already 600 years into the New Testament. To believe Mohammed’s story, would mean believing that even Jesus told Mohammed to go back and tell the people that me being the son of God is all a lie; it is a trick being played on them by Satan to make them believe it is no longer necessary for them to atone for their sins through blood sacrifices as instructed in the Old Testament; tell them not to believe this lie and not to embrace the rule changes of the New Testament Bible. Tell them they need to continue atoning for their sins and not be led astray by Satan’s trap. There is no way a Christian can embrace this story as Obama did in that speech.

Mohammed embraced the history of the Old Testament Bible, but refused to embrace the rule changes of the New Testament all based upon Jesus being the son of God; so Muslims remain living in what was Old Testament Christianity, having to atone for sin through works and blood sacrifices; whereas Christians believe Jesus’s death on the cross was the final and perfect sacrifice for all of mankind for the rest of time; and our salvation now comes by “grace”, not “works”.   This also explains why Muslims cannot eat pork. The eating of pork is forbidden in the Old Testament but the New Testament gives permission to eat pork.

After this “dream”, Mohammed alone wrote the Quran, with no one else’s input or collaboration. He pretty much took the history of the Old Testament Bible which he embraced, and being an insane bastard, he added a lot of his own perverted ramblings to it, such as calling for death to those who go against his teachings, and the end result was the Quran. What did he ever do that was noteworthy? Did he ever perform any healing of the sick, cripple, or blind? NO! Did he ever feed multitudes with two fishes? NO! Did he ever walk on water? NO! Did he ever turn water into wine? NO! Did he ever part the Red Sea? NO! WHAT DID HE DO TO EARN CREDIBILITY THAT HE WAS OF GOD? NOTHING! He was just a good snake oil salesman that was a leader of men through his reputation as a politician and a great and mighty warrior.

The Bible is several books compiled together; written testimony of several different men over several lifespans. Mohammed had his “made up vision” at the age of 40 and he died at the age of 60, so the entire CULT of Islam stems from 20 years of the life of a perverted pedophile, married to a 6-year-old girl, that never did one thing to show he was inspired by God.  Christianity was the religion of Saudi Arabia up until the time of Mohammed. He was considered a kook by the Christians in that land, but they tolerated him(as Christians tend to do).   He was actually expelled from the city of Mecca at some point for becoming too much of a nuisance and stirring too much trouble with his violent new anti-Christianity cult activity. He relocated about 100 miles away to the city of Medina.

Having learned a valuable lesson from his Mecca eviction, he devised a strategy called taquiyya which he taught to his followers. Taquiyya, he said was a way that a weaker opponent can overtake and defeat a stronger opponent, but it requires time and patience. Taquiyya is to lie and deceive your enemy and gain their acceptance; hide your true intentions from them; do not try to fight them head on while you are too weak and outnumbered; lie in wait, ambush them when you can(conduct acts of terrorism); wait until you are of sufficient numbers before engaging them in head on battle. This plan worked well for them. Eventually the Muslims grew large enough in strength and number and they overtook the Christians and drove Christianity out of Saudi Arabia.

Today, Saudi Arabia is under 100% Islamic control. The religion we are told is a religion of tolerance toward other religions totally outlaws the practice of Christianity in the country of Saudi Arabia(How do I know? I lived there 3 years as a military sales contractor). The mere possession of a Holy Bible is a crime in Saudi Arabia today. It is illegal to conduct or participate in a Christian church service even in the privacy of one’s own home. The average prison sentence for trying to evangelize Christianity is around 10 years. Committing blaspheme against Allah, the cult of Islam, or their pedophile prophet Mohammed is punishable by death by beheading. Not only is Islam the only religion legally allowed to practice in Saudi Arabia, it is mandatory that it’s citizens practice it, not voluntary. Religious police called Mutaween enforce that requirement upon them as well as insure foreign infidels such as myself in the country are complying with the rules of NO CHRISTIANITY PRACTICE. Children are taught the Quran in school as higher priority than reading, writing, and arithmetic. Children are beaten if they struggle to properly memorize Quran scripture.

I can’t fully describe after countless of hours of conversations I had with Saudi coworkers over the course of 3 years living there; how fricking twisted Muslims are. People in the U.S. who defend Muslims don’t have a clue what they are defending.  A lot of them will say “I know some Muslims personally and they are good people.”  Go live on their turf in a country like Saudi Arabia where Sharia Law is the law and witness the barbaric atrocities than go on there; then tell me you have the same opinion. They are restricted here in the U.S. from living their lifestyle fully because most of their crap is illegal here.

In Saudi Arabia, where they are fully unrestricted and have 100% Islamic rule this is how they live:  They completely hold women in captive slavery; do not allow them to drive; do not allow them in public without a related male chaperon; require them to cover from head to toe; beat them at will(Sharia Law not only allows a man to beat his wife, but instructs him to discipline and control her); rape them at their leisure(which is impossible for woman to claim rape; requires multiple male witnesses; fat chance of that); cane them with 100 lashes or stone them to death for unmarried sex(which was rape they could not prove);…

No fraternization is allowed between male and female sexes unless married or blood related; marriages are arranged and usually between cousins in an effort as they say “to keep the blood line pure”; the typical eligible marriage age of a girl begins at 12(but some happen at a younger age); yes, these young adolescent girls are given away in marriage to grown perverted sex fiends; marriage is in no way a 50/50 partnership in Saudi, it is master/slave relationship where the man owns his wife as does with her as he chooses.   I once asked a Saudi coworker of mine “What if your wife says no?” He looked at me like I was totally retarded because that was such an utterly ridiculous question to him, and he said “What do you mean? She cannot say no.” It is so deeply rooted within them and totally taken for granted that MAN COMPLETELY RULES OVER WOMAN.
When I described to them how husband and wife relationship works in the U.S., where woman is on equal plane with man, they found that to be totally ridiculous and told me “That is not right. You should control your wife.”

These are very real and typical type conversations I had with these morons there.   Saying that we are not at war with Islam is just the politically correct thing to say. Fact is, we are and always will be at war with Islam whether we choose to be or not. Islam caliphate doctrine is a declaration of war upon us. It is an impossible goal, but Islāmic leaders are dedicated to striving toward that goal nonetheless. Caliphate requires by way of Jihad(Holy war), all non-Muslims be converted, subdued and ruled over, or killed until Islam has taken the entire globe.  Look at recent events in Egypt. Freedom of religion existed there throughout the reign of Mubarak. Obama supported the overthrow of Mubarak and endorsed Morsi, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood’s credo was and is, “Allah is our objective; the Quran is our law, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and dying in the way of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.”

Do you think Obama doesn’t know this? Of course he does. What did Morsi do soon after coming into power?   As president, Morsi granted himself unlimited powers on the pretext that he would “protect” the nation from the Mubarak-era power structure, which he called “remnants of the old regime” (Arabic: فلول, ALA-LC: Foloul),[8][9] and the power to legislate without judicial oversight or review of his acts.  The Brotherhood’s stated goal is to instill the Qur’an and Sunnah as the “sole reference point for …ordering the life of the Muslim family, individual, community … and state.”

What does this all mean? It means Morsi was immediately turning Egypt into another Saudi Arabia, a Totalitarian Islāmic state governed by strict Sharia Law where the practice of Christianity is illegal. Morsi made a big mistake. He wasn’t as cunning as our Muslim President Barack Obama who is pursuing his transformation more slowly and gradual. Morsi took to big of a bite at one time and it caused his people to revolt and toss him out on his ass. He threw out the countries existing constitution and announced the Koran would now be their constitution. God bless the Egyptian citizenry who said hell no to that.  Muslims are constantly striving toward their Calaphate doctrine. They tried to bite off too much at one time in Egypt and didn’t get their way as quickly as they’d like. It should scare the hell out of people to see large populations of Muslims spreading throughout the world in places like Dearborn Mi, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, etc…

Has anyone been watching the news? These barbarians have no intention of peaceful cohabitation with infidels.

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